Overwatch PTR Patch Notes - July 18, 2018


Of course it is, but what did you expect. The community has been crying their eyes out about that Hero that doesn’t have a gun, doesn’t have any mobility and isn’t even part of the meta. Obviously, Blizzard does what Blizzard does.


Why not Ana?

Also it would be cool if when all supports are dead and respawning, I need healing changed to “our healer is down” because people keep spamming it.


Best mobility
Best self sustain
Best utility
Easiest healing mechanics
AND still she gets the best healing average.

What even is balance?


Holy hell, this would be amazing. Please make it happen Jeff or Geoff or Tom or anyone!


Moira, Mercy, Lucio, Widow and Zarya do not need to be touched. Out of all of those if anything Zarya should be nerfed cause she’s almost a must pick now cause of hanzo.


I love how you guys nerf the heroes that are already weak but yet you keep
Brigitte damage and healing per damage and continue to treat her as a heal/dps/tank. Tanks like hog and rein should not run away from a damn healer blizz… and dont even get me started on moira and how broken she is right now… 2 healers that make dps and tanks run away 90% of the time, yeah thats balanced LOL.


so you are going to give zarya more damage too now? So the dps get further range, she gets more damage, but Sombra is left with nothing to help her mid fight. Everyone gets stronger but her, meaning that not only are these “buffs” a nerf, but she gets further nerfs by all the increased burst damage/range. nice job blizzard


These are good points, but no, even then, Mercy won’t take over the lead. The ~500 - 1000 damage boost a round is shown in the stat chart in the end. It’s not that much.
And the rezzes are her ability. Do we take into account then that enemies get more damage because they are easier to hit when they are CC’ed by Brigitte?
no, that would be going too much into details.


I can’t stand those fu**ng whining dps mains any more. Just clever enough to master rudimentary mechanical skills they think that’s all you need in the game.
And then they fail and whine about too much healing of the supports.



Death blossom is too powerful to be able to cast every 2 minutes then.
Genjis blade ult is too powerful to be able to cast every 2 minutes then.
[generic hero] ultimate is too powerful to be able to cast every 2 minutes then.


One last thought:
And think of this: The more powerful healers are, the more teamplay and synergies are needed to kill someone. THAT is the real problem for DPS players as they are mostly narrcist solo suiciding egomaniacs, that sh!t on teamplay.


ugh i know. The whole leaving in comp system needs to be revised and debugged. Penalties for being disconnecting from a game and rejoining right away are also annoying af : /


Then, low cast time or no slowdown. Or put 10 m res.

OR (revert)


“why the heck am i not getting any healing?!” says the dps who ran into the enemy point alone with his team at spawn. You’re not the most important member on the team, calm down lmao.




I can see Zarya becoming a must pick with how long she is in high energy now. get a mercy to pocket her and she will never die and will melt everything. I have been watching high level streamers murder everyone all day.


Rocket Punch

Now destroys Symmetra’s sentry turrets without stopping his movement

Was the virtually identical issue with Genji’s Swift Strike addressed too? If Genji happens to aim at a turret as he initiates Swift Strike it will stop once it connects with the turret where as if you aim to the side of the turret(s) while still being close enough to hit them, you go straight through and destroy them.


Bliz hates hog, sorry.


I rather have dive than this one-shot/double sniper/armor meta


I don’t even play Mercy and it hurts to watch you guys screw her up over and over again just…leave her alone? “Other healers more viable” just sounds like “we made her worse (again) so youll switch”.

The reason/excuse you’re nerfing her again also makes zero sense. If you wanted other healers to be “more viable”, you’d buff them in the ways each character needs to be in order to compete. You don’t make everything better by making something worse. Imagine going to class you have a perfect A in and one day the teacher says “we need the other students to be more viable, so we’re docking your grade”.

You don’t care about Mercy or her players at all.