Overwatch PTR Patch Notes - July 18, 2018


When will you be working on optimizing the game? I feel that should be a high priority with all the complaints lately.


my thoughts exactly. we need a voiceline for “I’m under attack”. spamming “group up” or “I need healing” doesn’t work most of the time and calling out in voice chat only works if your whole team is listening…


look, taimou had a hard time shooting down a valkyrie mercy back when she had 2 instant rez.
So, no, insta-rez was uncounterable even when guarding the corpse.
“just shoot her before she rez” is not a valuable argument against insta-rez. Don’t forget she was able to swoop in, rez, then fly away super fast towards another guy to rez.


I’m okay with the Brigette nerf because she is probably too strong. But I think with this nerf she needs a lower cooldown on her health pack so she is less of a threat almost all of the time with the shield bash, and more of a healer like she’s supposed to be. Just my thoughts though.


What they need is an “apply to all customized heroes” button for cases like this.


What does this even mean?


from what i understood there was a “sweet spot” in the shield where if you shoot it, you could hit rein behind it.
Dunno why it’s listed as a buff and not a bug fix tho.


Wait not ana ??? She needs it more then any of the other healers! please someone explain this to me!?


or not change it at all…

she didn’t buffs or nerfs.
just cause her grav makes hanzo’s ult useful doesn’t mean she was OP and needed a change…


Her voice actress is in Egypt a lot maybe she wasn’t available rn, we’ll get them eventually.


Keeping high energy on Zarya is a skill and shouldnt be given away for free.emphasized text


that could make sense i guess. Lets hope she stil gets it then.


Why she cant do the voicelines from egypt?


yeah and he doesn’t need a critbox reduction either, its totally intentional apparently…


i think its not gunna be in comms wheel and it will work like mercys under attack voiceline i.e. useless


stop nerf mercyyyyyyyyyyyy


Any clarification from blizzard?


Cause the recording room is at Blizzard HQ


So you fix a Sombra bug literally nobody has complained about. Thanks.


Who is this “Moria” person I keep hearing about?