Overwatch PTR Patch Notes - July 18, 2018


please rename mccrees summer games skin with the flag to Americree


Are you kididng me? Seriously nerfing Widowmaker’s hook? WTF? I’m so close to give up in this game because of this idiot changes it’s not evne funny, I already stopped playing a few months ago and rivht now I’m about to do it again… For good… More Mercy nerfs… Brigitte nerfed just bcause a bunch of noob kids can’t play against her bash, Widowmaker and Hanzo nerfs why? Because f*ck sniper charactes apparently… Explain to me how it makes sense for D.vas rockets only take 5 second to cool down but it takes DOUBLE THAT TIME FOR A STUPID HOOK to reload… I’m done


NO, apparently you have to nerf Briggite becaucse this developing team likes to appeal to the stupid kids that b*tch about characters because they don’t know how to counter them…
You are right… Brigitte’s Bash is the biggest thing she has for her… That’s how she keeps allies alive, by bashing enemies and stopping their attacks… But just because a bunch of noobs can’t stop her she gets nerfed… i can guarantee you if the characters I play get unplayable because of this stupid nerfs I’m out of this game… I’m getting sick of changes to appeal to the idiots


Wow, Valk giving Mercy wings and Rezz with cast time but without cooldown would be very interesting. maybe give her spreadheal/dmg-boost on E then?
Rezz would be Ult again but with conditions.


yeah this or bring her old rez ult back just make it so she can rez maybe max to 2 people… or just give a single rez for the ult and a mini valk on E lasting a few seconds without the flying part just give her like few seconds of extra healing/dmg boosting on multiple heroes and she’d be good.


Nerfing Mercy’s healing won’t fix her or make her less of a must-pick. The problem is Res being too powerful of an ability to have on a cooldown rather than as an Ultimate. Remove the E ability and give her 2-3 charges of Res only during Valkyrie.


Brigitte nerf?
…yes,Rein&Winston are afflicted by her.
But Tracer&Genji really need relative buff?
Their pick rate is high on Rein&Zarya comp.


wow great changes!! glad to see you guys hard work paying off :slight_smile:


And what about Symmetra? no buffs on her primary fire ? Omg Blizzard, you guys will wait for more a year to do something about her?


I strongly suggest Widow Hook to be 9 seconds at least…

The reason it was reduced to 8 is because Widow was nearly unplayable in the dive meta.

Hammond is actually a widow counter as he can always catch up to Widow, she can’t headshot him.

With all of these buffs and Nerfs you are overwhelmingly buffing Dive…

How long has it been in this Sniper Meta… 1 month?
we had dive for over a Year and we are just going back to it.

People hate this meta???
I recall people hating triple tank more and now we might be going into a 3 tank DIVE meta…


is most likely gonna take a few weeks,
what you see in live game have been in development for months, so any change will need some time like this:
idea on the head of the devs .
implementation on their debug modes in the office.
adding details for animations sounds etc.
fixing what goes wrong on initial testing.
ready for PTR test.
whatever times takes on the PTR.
goes to live

other mayor changes rushed case lots of bugs, like the sombra emergency nerf


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I’m actually happy with most of these changes. I do think though Hanzo needs 6 or 8 seconds on his leap because that is what really made him stronger. The fact that he gained better movement made a huge difference for him, and put him over Widow. Widow I am bit unsure about because McCree’s and Soldier’s damage drop off really made it hard for them to contest Widow in general, but I understand it.


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Have you guys thought about making Ana’s sleep dart a pearcing projectile. It would allow her to defend herself easier if she could sleep two targets at a time that are diving her and i don’t think it would be too hard to face as the enemies would have to be lined up in order to actually sleep two at a time.


NO, apparently you have to not nerf briggite because this development team likes to listen yo your stupid "kids"that complain about characters because they don’t know how to stop a girl rushing towards a giant armored man and can stop him by the way she should be able to stop some attacks but do you really think that is fair that she can stop almost everything in the game if you think that character is “unplayable” then holy crap just stop playing then cause she is the opposite she is op and is getting nerfs that will make it fun for her and others


Will these go live with Hammond on Tuesday too?


So the older changes to sombra still going to live? nerf confirmed then


You’re uninstalling the game? Good, don’t let the door hit you on the way out


I’d really want to see the cooldown here increased to 10 seconds to at least match McCree’s flashbang because Brigitte’s stun is superior in everything except the possibility of aiming it upwards.
On the other hand it’d also be welcomed if she actually lost against Reinhardt’s charge and Doomfist’s Rocket Punch when countering them head on.
Those are powerful but telegraphed abilities - they shouldn’t lose to an instant dash reaction ability.