Overwatch PTR Patch Notes - July 18, 2018

A new Overwatch patch is currently in development and now available for testing. To share your feedback or report and issue, please post in the PTR Feedback or PTR Bug Report forums.

Please note that the below patch notes only include changes currently available for testing on the PTR. While many of these changes will also be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in a future patch, the PTR is PC-only and therefore will only reflect changes coming specifically to that platform.



  • Changed the name of Junkrat’s Buccaneer skin to Bilgerat
  • Added under attack voice lines for Zenyatta, LĂşcio, and Moria

Looking for Group

  • Settings will be saved after changing filters on the Looking for Group browse screen

Hero Gallery

  • Added a What’s New option that displays new unlockable content



Channeled and transformation ultimate abilities now restore ammunition after completion for some heroes

  • Channeled abilities affected: Junkrat’s RIP-Tire, Pharah’s Barrage, Roadhog’s Whole Hog, and Zenyatta’s Transcendence
  • Transformation abilities affected: Genji’s Dragonblade, Winston’s Primal Rage

Developer Comments: The change removes the need to immediately reload after a long duration ultimate.


Nano Boost

  • Now also instantly heals the target for 300 health

Developer Comments: This change should give Ana the flexibility to use her ultimate in a wider variety of situations.


Shield Bash

  • Cooldown increased from 6 to 7 seconds

Developer Comments: Slightly increasing the cooldown will give Brigitte’s opponents more opportunity to play around her Shield Bash ability.


Rocket Punch

  • No longer impacts Symmetra’s teleporter
  • Now destroys Symmetra’s sentry turrets without stopping his movement

Developer Comments: These changes are just quality of life improvements for how Doomfist interacts with Symmetra’s placeables.



  • Cooldown increased from 4 to 5 seconds

Developer Comments: Hanzo’s Lunge ability allows him to be very evasive, the increased cooldown should make him slightly easier to catch.


Biotic Grasp

  • Passive energy regeneration rate increased from 2 per second to 2.4 per second

Developer Comments: This gives Moira a bit more healing to work with in situations with no enemy targets available.



  • Aura radius increase from 10 to 12 meters

Sound Barrier

  • Temporary shields granted increased from 500 to 750

Developer Comments: Increasing the amount of shield health gained from Lucio’s Sound Barrier should make it more effective against incoming burst damage. The increased aura radius will help keep more allies within his heal and speed range.


Caduceus Staff

  • Healing beam reduced from 60 healing per second to 50 healing per second

Developer Comments: Mercy’s previous healing output made her nearly impossible to replace in any team composition. Even after these changes she will still be able to deliver more healing over the course of a match than any other support hero. This change should allow for other healers to be a more viable pick.



  • Reduced the size of Sombra’s head hit volume

Developer Comments: This is mostly a bug fix, as her head hit volume was abnormally large, especially from behind. Previously if you fired at her from behind near her upper spine, you could land a head shot. Now her head volume is much more accurate.


Barrier Field

  • Decorative insignia no longer protrudes from the shield’s surface

Developer Comments: By smoothing out Reinhardt Barrier Field, he will be able to consistently block enemy abilities and projectiles (e.g. Junkrat’s grenades).


Grappling Hook

  • Cooldown increased from 8 seconds to 10 seconds

Developer Comments: The increased cooldown will slightly reduce the frequency that Widowmaker can reposition herself.



  • Drain rate reduced from 2 per second to 1.6 per second

Graviton Surge

  • Radius reduced from 8 to 6 meters

Developer Comments: With the reduced Energy drain rate, Zarya should be at higher energy on average resulting in more overall damage and quicker ultimate charge times. We’ve also decreased the wide area of Graviton Surge, so players are more able to aid allies without being pulled in as well.


Competitive Play

Fixed a bug that could cause players to lose an endorsement level if they exited before a match completes, but after the return timer for a leaving player has expired

Almost everything about these changes is fantastic!
Widowmaker and Hanzo mobility nerfs
Anybody notice that Zarya change?
So the PTR updated to 1.27
Was there a support change to the PTR?
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Do NOT buff Moira please
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How do you like the Brigitte nerf?
Widow grapple hook nerfed, but where are her grapple's bugfixes? Or any of her bugfixes at all?
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Zarya graviton nerf in ptr
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Ana mains you're next 🤣
Symmetras Teleporter
I can’t take the Hanzo/Zarya ult combo anymore

Does Torbs ult count as transformation?


Torb is too op for a free reload.


Can we get the free reload applied to EMP as well? I know it’s not a long channeled ultimate but it would really let Sombra use EMP to pressure better if she didn’t have to reload before using it. Otherwise solid changes. Looking forward to seeing how it pans out.

(still not a fan of new stealth or translocator)


Torb still uses the same ammo during molten core as normally.


I like pretty much everything but this. It seems really unnecessary. Zarya is only meta and strong right now because Hanzo is so strong and other tanks are countered by Brig.

This graviton nerf seems pretty big… perhaps it would be better to just change it to 7 meters?

For reference, this isn’t just a 2 meter reduction…
Volume of an 8 meter sphere: 2144.66
Volume of a 6 meter sphere: 904.78
Do the math and it comes out to a 57.8% nerf to the size of graviton.


Great overall. Still think Mercy will stay dominant until damage stacking is reduced or something is done with rez.

Would like to see Molten Core refresh ammo upon use.

The point of the change is to put power away from her ult and onto the hero itself.


They’re just reverting a change they made to her charge rate.


Was a good oppurtunity to give Torb a nice QoL buff with that ammo reload on ult. I get his rework’s coming but man, I’m tired of his shortcomings.


Can you wait until after the first set of hanzo nerfs go live before pushing more out?


lmao that Sombra buff.


General PTR feedback… My interact key isn’t rebinding all my empty slots for it on all my heroes. For example, if I set it to a key with “all heroes” it won’t set on heroes that I’ve customized the reticle or other controls on, which means I have to check every hero to make sure it’s bound.


Support rebalancing is mostly good (though Mercy should probably get looked at eventually with more than just messing with numbers). Widowmaker might actually be diveable again, Hanzo gets a minor nerf for some reason (seriously, a good hanzo with scatter was still nastier than any hanzo today), and Zarya gets a rebalance that makes Graviton not just an instant win button.


Wait… Bastion doesn’t transform?


lmao hell yes. i’ll take it


Pretty sure Bastion already did reload when he transformed, but he definitely does on PTR right now.


You guys are really pushing for a triple tank dive meta arent yall. Nerfing hanzo multiple times, nerfing brigitte, buffing ana moira and lucio in more survivability, leaving zen the same, and nerfing widowmaker, not changing hammond.

Triple tank dive is coming, possibly a goats dive meta. Winston, Dva, Hammond, Moira, Lucio, Zen/Brig


Lucio’s buffs seem really awesome. That 2 meters doesn’t sound like much, but it is an extra 40% area overall