Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – August 22, 2019


nerfs sym (has like 20 counters). Nerfs zarya (has like 14 counters). Doesn’t touch doomfist (character that makes playing support impossible because one guy in your team didnt focus him before he landed and got 400 health).


Thanks, Blizzard! I hated it! :smiley:

Seriously, I can’t understand the idea behind this.

Symm gets a rework, and still doesn’t show up. 2-2-2 gets enforced, and due to the shield meta, she is finally starting getting picked.

Let’s nerf her!


1 thing, it’s not THAT bad on the beams since it still does more dmg than before the bug fix.

The width nerf is completely unnecessary on the other hand.

Also, is sigma’s accretion and m1 direct hit dmg unchanged? Or changes into 90 and 55?


You can setup Sigma now so you don’t need to hold RMB to deploy your sheld further. just click RMB to start and stop your shield’s movement


Symmetra nerfs???


So how long until you guys rebrand Overwatch as Call of Duty and take out all the unique heroes that don’t just shoot?



Symmetra nerfs before she could even become viable in a real season? If anything, I felt they should reduce the duration of her ultimate slightly.

No Brigitte tweaks at all? We’ve been testing her for over a month now, how about trying out one of the many plethora of ideas to make her slightly more viable in less than optimally coordinated comps. It’s a test server, for the love of god, let us test something besides nerf after nerf.

I guess we should all just accept and get used to the next few months being filled with nerf after nerf. I’m sure almost everybody will be getting a ride on the nerfhammer express, and it won’t feel good.

At least there was something of value changed in this PTR patch…


No help or love for Brig…
Im going into cryostasis, wake me up when you decide to fix her crappy kit in 2 years




Guys, devs said in patchnotes to 1.39 that they would look for beam weapons changes after they reworked their hit registration. The fact is that Damage from them is bigger than it supposed to be. So they nerf this, it’s simple. TBH I’m surprised that they didn’t change anything for Moira this way.


Her beam’s width is now consistent throughout all three stages, which should help people better adjust to consistent aim.

Not only that, but her base width has been buffed.
Same with Zarya.

Beforehand, they were both abysmally small and pinpoint.


Moira barely benefited from the change.


I hated brig but now she is pretty trash, especially in 2-2-2. I would rather have old brig to deal with doomfist than no counter for him in support. You really cant carry as a support in 2-2-2 unless you’re mL7


Yes, but even so she kills squishes faster now. Honestly I’m glad for it and that they don’t change her, so I can still enjoy it


One tricking bastion now


may the shields be with you


This is nothing but a nerf across the board for Symmetra, and for Zarya, you aren’t really going to do much below 50 charge anyways, so it ends up a wash. I guess with the beam bug fix the damage will probably be close, but the beam width is gonna be interesting…


No nerf to hanzo, widow and doomfist… terrible patch


Symmetra: Is viable

Blizzard: “We don’t do that here.”


It seems direct hit damage is unchanged, and that a near miss with explosion damage only would now do only 60 damage from both Hyperspheres instead of 70. Accretion also unchanged for direct damage(still 80), at least based on what info they gave us.