Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – April 30, 2019

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Hate when i used seismic slam, and it didnt Junkrat…


Does the bug fix to Doom’s Slam include the new Earthshatter tech?


Cool, whatever that means.


Does this include inactivity timer fix?

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Yikes, copy/paste mistake. Fixed!


That was funny as hell


I already see someone making this in the Workshop…


How many rats would slam junk if slam could junk rats?


After spending 4 minutes standing not doing anything on a custom game, it seems that they removed the Inactivity timer (HOOORAAAY), can anyone else confirm?


so no workshop fixes/updates?:cry:


Any word on the Demon Hunter SOmbra skin being turned into a legacy, and therefore not available for purchase?


Dude. Imagine if Seismic Slam left behind Mayhem Grenades…


It’s nice, but, you know, having a working and fair potg system would be nice as well.


What was it I missed it


POTG 2.0 ?


Can I know why you do not indicate fixed bug about Brigitte on all the patch note since the new year?

Yet there have been fixes like the bug fixed with the Baptist patch of the shield that was colorized when it take burn damage.


This made me laugh so much


Hammond has tons of other bugs but you guys fixed one that happens like what? 0.01% of the time?


Very disappointing that the hero-breaking bug for Hanzo’s sonic still hasn’t been addressed.