Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – May 21, 2020

Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – May 21, 2020

A new Overwatch patch is in development and now available for testing! To share your feedback or report any issues, please post in the PTR Feedback or PTR Bug Report forums.

Please note that the below patch notes only include changes currently available for testing on the PTR. While many of these changes may also be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in a future patch, the PTR is PC-only and only reflects changes coming specifically to that platform.


New Workshop Actions

  • Attach Players
  • Detach Players
  • Start Forcing Player Position
  • Stop Forcing Player Position

New Workshop Values

  • Is In Alternate Form
  • Is Duplicating
  • Hero Being Duplicated

Developer Comment: The Attach Players action allows one player to become stuck to another with a given offset, giving players the ability to carry other players around. The Start Forcing Player Position action allows players to be moved around procedurally; this action pairs well with variable chasing actions. The Is In Alternate Form value lets you check for whether D.Va is in pilot form and whether Mercy and Torbjörn have their secondary weapon equipped (as well as a few other transformations). Finally, the Is Duplicating and Hero Being Duplicated values allow you to check Echo’s current status.



  • Fixed a bug in which custom game settings were sometimes being reverted to default between rounds of a Control map or when causing one’s own death while Respawn as Random Hero is active
  • Custom games will no longer shut down due to server load issues when using Mei’s primary fire with a 0% freeze rate
  • Fixed a bug where custom game lobby privacy settings were reset when importing a share code


  • Fixed a bug where Sombra could sometimes hack people right as they started an ability that would prevent hacking (ie Wraithform, Meteor Strike)


  • Fixed a bug in which restarting a rule that was using the Wait action and then executing the same Wait action on the same frame could cause the action to wait forever
  • Fixed a bug in which using a chased variable for the rate or destination of the Chase action that was modifying it would cause incorrect behavior
  • Fixed a bug in which the final objective of an Assault, Hybrid, or Escort map could be completed when Disable Built-In Game Mode Completion was in effect
  • Fixed a bug in which reaching 100% distance or capture progress on the final objective of an Assault, Hybrid, or Escort map would cause endless beeping if Disable Built-In Game Mode Completion was in effect
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Stop Transforming Throttle action not to work
  • The Is Using Ultimate value now returns true when D.Va is using either of her ultimate abilities
  • The Is Using Ultimate value now returns true for the first few frames of Echo’s ultimate (After the first few frames, check the new Is Duplicating value)
  • The Is Using Ultimate value now returns true for Ashe only while B.O.B. is alive
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Respawn action to stop working for players that had recently been resurrected
  • Fixed rules with Echo as the designated hero not always executing correctly during or after her ultimate
  • Fixed the Is Primary Fire value sometimes returning incorrect values after Winston’s ultimate and during Hanzo’s Storm Arrow ability
  • The Is Using Ability 2 value no longer returns true for Widowmaker if her only existing Venom Mine has been fired off the map
  • Fixed a bug where script error messages remained on screens for certain subroutine errors even after fixing the issue in the editor
  • Fixed a bug preventing Set Objective Description from working when executed prior to the player spawning in
  • Fixed a bug preventing Disable Built-In Game Mode Announcer from working in certain modes
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Damage Over Time effects from occurring when first starting the Molten Floor Workshop Preset
  • Fixed a bug preventing Set Match Time from being able to be used while in Assemble Heroes in CTF
  • Fixed a bug preventing certain abilities from triggering Dealt/Received Knockback Events (Junkrat’s self-knockback from Concussive Mine, Doomfist’s Rocket Punch, and Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer)
  • Fixed a bug preventing Sigma’s Ultimate Ability from working properly when gravity settings were altered via Workshop or Custom Game Settings
  • Fixed a bug preventing the names of Dummy Bots from properly showing up in Kill Cams, POTGs, and End of Match Summaries
  • Fixed a bug where Destroy All Dummy Bots failed to work in certain scenarios

aight more workshop stuff!


You kind souls.
I’ve been hoping for a while that we’d get an option to discriminate between primary and secondary weapons. Now, when I make something for Mercy that creates a beam, she can’t just use her gun to trigger it while she shoots. And I can optimize my code that lets you spawn a Tank to use as a jank ‘D.va (but not usually D.va)’ mech.
Finally. Thank you so much. I’m sure all us Workshop users are rejoicing. :weary:
Especially the Merge Heroes creator- they must be having the time of their life having the key part of their code now in a simple action, lol. Optimization galore.


I am glad the OW team are still continuing to improve the workshop almost every patch.

I hope we will see a community map editor tool be implemented into OW2 one day. A map editor would increase Overwatch’s life span by many, many more years. But I am sure you guys already know that when looking at games such as Warcraft 3, Starcraft 2 and Team Fortress 2.


Thank you so much for these changes! This really helps a lot.

Only thing I can really think of off the top of my head that would be useful is checks for if you’re hitting a barrier (or your barrier is being hit) vs hitting a player. Having a way to spawn barriers as well would be great, adding players as the parent of said barrier so you can specify a certain hero getting the ability to place them, etc. Maybe add options to it like specific curves, such as a Rein style barrier, Orisa, and Winston, and a size scalar and/or specific vectors for the 4 corners of it.

Actually, thinking about it now, there isnt a way that im aware of to tell if you’re hitting an object spawned by players either such as a torb turret, venom mine, or B.O.B.

That would be a great addition as well :slight_smile:

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I didn’t know we needed this … especially since the new “start forcing player position” can do exactly the same.

But this is great!

Thank you for finally fixing this. I experienced so much grief because of this problem so having it patched is truly fantastic.

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This is why I hadn’t used any wait loops in ages and used only
variable <= Total Time Elapsed conditions and
variable = Total Time Elapsed + x actions instead.
I knew there was something that could break the wait loops very rarely, I just never was able to figure out exactly what it was. Great that it’s been fixed now.

Edit: Please disregard my previous comment, I think I misunderstood this. I do avoid looping rules with wait actions in general, out of a guts feeling based on bad experiences in the past, but there may be no reason for this (anymore).

Great list of bugfixes. So many problems with duplicate now seem to be fixed :slight_smile:

Start Forcing Player Position and Attach Players open up a lot of possibilities for new fun modes I think.

What would make the new actions perfect is an action to switch weapon for Torbjörn and Mercy (so dummy bots could be forced to switch weapon).

OMG is this a way to recognize Torb’s and Mercy’s third weapon???

  1. Text editor (like Powershell ISE)
  2. ammo, firerate, spread, reload speed, projectile speed modifications
  3. Matrices & quaternions, explicit dot and cross product operations
  4. Positions of player created objects (barriers, turrets, kinetic grasp, torb’s lava pools and etc)
  5. Readonly dictionary with current game constants (like lava pools sizes, pharrah’s rocket splash radius, timings and etc)
  6. Ray hit object
  7. Ultimate rate modifications (eg lower gain for damaging a certain hero)
  8. Critical hit modification, is critical, critical zone position
  9. transformation speed modifications

I can’t believe you guys just nerfed a hero that was already weak
The healing buff feels nice it gives her a more noticeable support role but the reduction in her damage is just savage
10% really ? I can’t even kill a genji without him having enough time to kill me first and now while mercy is healing a genji and Moira attacking him he heals instead of loosing life
It was just such an unnecessary nerf and super impactful
I liked Moira cuz she was adaptable to the situation she could do decent heals and decent damage she was perfectly balanced but now she feels so weak
Genjia increase in damage on his shiruken is definitely noticeable and good I think
And the chance to cancel deflect is real nice
Overall good changes except Moira’s
She’s dead what a shame she had a lot of potential

Still no nerf reverts, buffs, fixes, or quality of life adjustments for Symmetra. Absolutely pathetic at this point.