Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – March 25, 2020

She couldn’t before either unless you’re baby D.va or Tracer, which can still be 1 shot by them.

Can Ashe get an actual significant change for once?

Yes she could they only nerfed the explosion damage from 30 to 25 but the bombs also have an impact damage of 5 meaning the damage on impacts has been reduced from 35 to 30

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this do be a PogChamp

Theyve been doing it? Hold your horses

both actually, good change

You have to translate it. 25 translated to Spanish is 20, of course. I bet you don’t even speak Spanish… :roll_eyes:

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Expected, but the nerfs seem to be alright. It doesn’t make her hot garbage while still bringing her power level down a few pegs.

Credit where credit is due; nice job.

Echo can still get 10 pulse bombs in 15 seconds

Hang on a minute-


Would be super cool if Mercy got 5 more rounds of Ammo and maybe also have her pistol reload automatically when she holsters it. I mean, most of us don’t pull out the pistol that often, but I’d like to be able to pop off without my ultimate on occasion. Please and thank you.


That’s lame. i agree with Sideshow, sticky bombs should one shot people, but it should be harder to land all of them, give them more space between each shot, something like Zen’s volley. And Ultimate already was fine. Echo is fun, just a bit overtuned, don’t overzealous with nerfs, you will ruin her.

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The way I read it is her ability to use Duplicate.

They put a ptr patch of like like three days ago with less changes, they’re testing the changes they put on ptr when echo was put on PTR, I’m sure the big patch with fair mei nerfs and sigma buffs will be tomorrow or next Tuesday

100% agree, we have Widowmaker in the game ffs we can have 1 shots as long as they are well tuned.

Did you guys fix the bug where Echos flight would still continue while hacked? I also heard reports that her projectiled go through defense matrix. This has to be fixed right?

I don’t like the Echo change. The problem with Sticky Bomb isn’t the damage. It’s how easy it is to land because of how fast all the bombs fire, it should be changed to be more like a fully charged Zen right click.

Also why stop Tracer’s verticalit!?
Sure the multi blink up is nuts but giving single blinks a slight vertical movement capability really isn’t that crazy compared to other things in the game.

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I agree. I was worried, based on some of the forum comments, that they would got the crap out of her.

I mean, technically, they still could, But so far it’s looking all right

I’m a little sad the ult charge increase happened. It would be fun to get the ability more often at the cost of reduced power in the ability. There is a bunch that could have been such as sharing a portion of damage taken during transformation with the revert. Exactly like Winston. You could limit one ult per use of the character. Ult charge could be decreased. There could be a cooldown upon transforming that locks cooldowns from activating for a second or two.

Appreciate the patch but can we get some bigger patches and on other heroes?

NOOOO!! My parkour!!

Doesn’t this already happen?

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