Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – March 20, 2020

Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – March 20, 2020

A new Overwatch patch is in development and now available for testing! To share your feedback or report any issues, please post in the PTR Feedback or PTR Bug Report forums.

Please note that the below patch notes only include changes currently available for testing on the PTR. While many of these changes may also be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in a future patch, the PTR is PC-only and only reflects changes coming specifically to that platform.




  • Flight speed will now return to regular movement speed if canceled during the initial speed burst
  • Added the option for Hold for Flight within Echo’s hero options



  • Fixed a variety of crashes



  • Fixed a bug where Blink would sometimes not move at all


  • Fixed a bug where Duplicate could target enemies through barriers

Thanks for saving the game.


Can you add some HUD/UI information that indicates that Shift and E can be canceled mid animation?


Is the tracer jump blink interaction considered a bug by the developers? Everyone is overreacting about it. When you jump and blink as tracer in the air, it still gives the jump check in the air. So you essentially have an extra jump of vertical mobility with this change.

If any developers are reading this, I think it should be kept in. It makes Tracer feel more align in how we perceive her in the cinematic shorts. Athletic and acrobatic (Remember that catch she did on Mei’s pulse-freeze bomb in zero hour?).


The SuperJump trick still works though (but slower) so I guess you can still reach places easily or come back to your team quickly if you’re in trouble ^^ !


Nerf BOMBS !!! too much damage

I don’t mind the superjump being here.
But not to travel 75% of the map in one use.


Dang, a patch this late huh? Is this the power of working at home?


ya know, I was just thinking about that. I didn’t even know you could until I hit the button again, and I was very confused on why it ended early

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I guess it’s now narrowed down to 50 % or something like that :p…

I feel like we need to try Echo in Competitive to see what tweaks she needs. It’s still a bit early.

What I wonder though is if her flight was nerfed because of players promoting the tricks on Youtube or because it wasn’t intended to work this way :D… We’ll never know I guess but I’d put my money on people’s complaints being the reason behind this.

It would be absolutely amazing if we could get a similar Hold to activate option for her Focusing Beam.
Appreciate all the hard work guys! :heart:


So since nobody else can have fun, when is the mercy super jump getting removed?


Yeah just realease her to comp rn totally

Great idea :slight_smile: !

I also liked the “lock the target” option they added to both Ana’s and Echo’s ults.

This is something I’ve been asking for Ana for quite some time but people thought that it would be too OP as it was part of the hero’s skill ceiling to be careful when using nanoboost (which I can understand).

I guess devs finally decided it would be a good QOL to Ana. No more Boostio incidents haha !

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That’s not quite what I said :slight_smile: ! Maybe there should unlock Competitive on PTR to see how it goes :wink: !

New heroes are always a bit OP at first, it’s almost always been the case in OW’s history.

I just feel like we shouldn’t rush nerfs either. Echo is going to be on PTR for a long time according to Jeff Kaplan so we have time to look into it.

We need more time to see how she interacts with and against every existing hero. That’s my point.

Nice! thanks for fixing this


Rip echo bhop. Took skill to execute, which we all know is a bad thing.


please revert it but tone it down. it made her so much more fun.

yeah ow doesnt like anything that requires skill. everything that’s easy to play is broken in ow and everything difficult to play is not worth playing


Can you like, do your research on the history of Mercy’s glide tech?

When her rework hit PTR she had THIS exact same glitch as Echo just got removed. You could cancel GA early by hitting shift again to go super fast and far (just like this Echo glitch) and the Devs left it in for a few weeks because EeveeA asked Geoff to, but then Geoff removed it in the Halloween update and added in a controlled, intentional version attatched to the spacebar a week later (the current Mercy tech we have now).

If they wanna give Echo intentional spacebar tech like they gave Mercy, that’s fine, but don’t compare Echo flying across the entire map to Mercy jumping straight up in the air 20 feet predictably in the same movement pattern every time.

The Superjump tech has been confirmed non-reportable and not an exploit by the support team in a ticket, and the OWL showcased a literal tutorial on how to do it on their live broadcast and a still existing Youtube video. It’s not getting removed.

Edit: Apparently Echo’s super glide is still doable, just much more toned down, so seems like they went ahead and gave it the Mercy treatment!


For a game the devs took inspiration from tf2, the devs really seem to hate skill-based movement

Tell that to brigs, moiras, and genjis movement techs. before they got removed by the literal bots known as gold flex supports

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