Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – July 15, 2020

OMG I can’t wait to play a “cat and mouse” workshop mode with the small effect :rofl:


In this game there are too many textures without collisions in which you can hide…



Just to clarify this isn’t the “Failed experiment” Jeff was talking about yesterday

Are you saying we can make giant Mei and create the great northern ice wall in Game of thrones???

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Thank you for rewarding players who backfill, now can we get better punishments for leavers to reduce the need to backfill? Quickplay games are <10 minutes long, if you are in a situation where you REALLY need to leave, you should have to wait until the game you left ends, just like in Competitive. Harsher punishment should discourage the rampant leaver problem and reduce the “revolving door” of players that happens as soon as someone leaves resulting in 5v6 or worse the entire game.


Especially the resource

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Most likely! It says that it’s specified so most likely

Sadly I play console so I cant test this


I was experimenting with the Health Pool features, but there is something I can’t figure out. Is there a way to track how much health a specific health pool has left?

The “Health Of Type” value is probably what you’re looking for

It works fine if I’m using extra shields/armor on a hero that doesn’t have regular health of that type, but if they do it gets mixed in.

If I add 50 shields to Symmetra and use HealthOfType, it returns the total of her regular and the added shield health. This prevents me from knowing if any damage taken was done prior or after she got the extra shields.

EDIT: Maybe some functions like Health, Set Health, Start Damage Over Time, Start Healing Over Time and such could be made to accept Health Pool IDs in the Player argument, allowing them to be modified independently from the player’s regular health.

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Another fellow console member who suffers...

Yup ;^;

I am sad too ;∩;

This is awesome! Please keep adding more, there’s unlimited possibilities for gamemodes!

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I love this PTR update. I’ve always wanted so many of these features for customs

TheWorkshopr: exists
Me: “He’s too dangerous to be kept alive!”

im very confused as to what the

action does or what the

value is, ive tried messing with it on the ptr but i cant see any changes.
does anyone know?

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Nice, I’ve definitely experienced that.

all really cool, but for a long time, ive been wanting to see a feature where we can change the cast time on certain abilities like mercy rez. would this be possible to do? thank you :smiley:

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Oof, Meibe the Mei bug fixes will come in the next update.

Anyway, can’t stand these forums right now. See ya’ll in a while.