Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – Jan 9, 2020

Revert the doomfist nerf he feels like crap now doomfist can’t do anything cool anymore doomfist feels like a shell of his of his former self. Pls revert :slight_smile:

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The hanzo and doom “nerfs” are a joke at best. Why are you so afraid of giving proper nerfs too these heros, hanzo especially.
Reaper and widow still remain untouched.

Cool, now I can flashbang myself


Because the enemies go afk once the IF drops

It literally is. The only exceptions to this is probably rein’s charge and RP since they displace their target and kill them instantly. In every other situation you simply cannot kill the IF and bap before he kills you.

I actually do think that it should be nerfed. Right now it is pretty impossibe to miss and rewards bad mechanics.

Ah, so we nerf the stationary object with 200HP that has a ton of counter play, because players want Blizz to do their job for them. I mean, Heaven forbid you shoot the thing, right? Or, move out of LoS, until it’s over. Or, boop the people out of it. Or, hook them. Or, what have you. Nah, that’s too hard. Pfft.

And, then we nerf the Ult. You know, that thing that can be counter by moving two feet to the left or right.

The whiners win, again, I see. Lovely.

So, it didn’t affected much the PTR Patch Notes from December 11, 2019?
I hope nothing was messed up with Go To Assemble Heroes action.

Was the development team ordered to slowly turn Overwatch into the next Call of Duty? You take away Moria’s heals, then shields, practically murder Orisa and render her useless, and to top it off you murder the only healer who plays an important role in keeping these shieldless tanks alive. Keep up the horrible decisions and lose more fans.

This is once again a change to make the game more enjoyable. The strong presence of AoE healing is still going to dictate the way the game is played at the top levels.

Immortality Field

  • Maximum duration reduced from 8 to 5 seconds
  • Cooldown increased from 20 to 25 seconds

Will make Bap players think twice before using their cooldowns, but once again: the strong AoE healing is the main issue.


  • Cooldown decreased from 5 to 3 seconds

Cannot explain the drastic change. Dva has been a notable pick over the last years but her viability decreased simply because Hammond and Sigma became a thing. She has been nerfed during the Goats period but currently, she did not need such a drastic booster cooldown reduction in my opinion. Excited to play new patch soon though

Widow left untouched, henzo not touched enough and doom got a buff? wut.

I think his shields need a nerf, not his uppercut. I get that he has to expose himself to the enemy team in order to deal damage, but with that in mind his shields feel a bit too powerful at the time.

This is a good buff, but I think she needs to be more defensive oriented. Buff her matrix please, or give her more armor. Her escaping the enemy doesn’t make her feel more like a tank. Even wrecking ball feels more tanky with the shield he gets from E.

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I already tried the changes and in my opinion the changes are fine, except for dva that I feel it is unnecessary that I have the CD 3 seconds, I do not see it useful for her. Why can you simply buff the dva matrix? Since the matrix that it has is more than weak and I feel that perhaps they should either improve the matrix that it currently has or return the old matrix that it had before it was nerfearan by the composition goats. Well this is my opinion and I will continue trying the other changes if they are really good or not (and I’m sorry if my English is misspelled, my language is not English).

I feel like the doomfist nerf is make his flow slower. Also, 1 v 1 between doomfist and reaper will be an easy win for Reaper now. I feel like reducing his life steal will make that match up more manageable.

Doomfist got :eggplant:'d

Is he going to be F-tier again?

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How about revert this game to launch and start over. Game was more fun when every hero in the game was properly designed and thought out. Almost every new hero since launch has been a mistake made with good intentions.

No, but you sure are acting like a trash person.

And buffing and nerfing characters for the lower ranks is only going to destory the game at a competitive level

Misappropriating this game for competitive use wasn’t our mistake, we shouldn’t be paying the price for it. It’s a video game played for leisure. If you want hardscore e-sporting, don’t sell it to the masses? Or play it with a different ruleset - college football doesn’t play by the same rules as professional, after all.

That said, no rank should have much more influence than the others. Because it’d be really weird if a hero with a 15% pickrate in gold got a buff simply because they weren’t seen enough in competitive, right?

But comp is playing a fundamentally different game than us anyway. We play because we want to have fun. We make choices that are influenced by how fun a hero is, or a role is. The comp people will always play what they think will make them win. For them, it’s a job. Since they will always gravitate towards the tool that is most effective regardless, and general players want a generally balanced game that’s fun, it only makes sense to balance for the general playerbase since the comp people will be there for it either way.

ok boomer

honestly, the uppercut wasnt even an issue, it was the fact that he gains so much shields from doing his high burst damage, so he can go from 250 to 370 so quick. but the uppercut nerf wasnt needed, they need to revert it and either nerf his shields, damage, or both, but the uppercut 0.5 sec stall just destroys the whole flow of his kit and only allows for one maybe 2 shots to finish a target and escape. plus the enemy gets out of uppercut before doomfist now


Ok if you play casually balance and meta doesnt matter