Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – Jan 9, 2020

I’m not sure you can get way with anything since those guys (in plat or lower) suffer from the balance patches that are mostly meant for GM players such as Baptiste’s current one.

It won’t help them.

Then you know what? I’m impressed.

At least, on the bright side: Everything so far is nerfs

Bot buffs

Clearly you can’t hear ‘The Flight of the Valkyries’ playing in the background

I still dont know why the sigma not get allready nerved.

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The way Hanzo arrows work is there is a base speed of 25 and it adds another bonus speed determined by how long the shot was charged up.

Last patch this was 25+100 x Charge for a total maximum speed of 125.
The PTR value is now 25+85 x Charge so the max speed is now 110, the same value as it was before the Hanzo rework.

I think the old patch notes are incorrectly only listing the bonus speed value and not including the base speed.


Yeah. But as a Sombra main, a speed change would probably improve my games in specific. HaHa.

Because I have trouble headshotting him after hacking him (thanks to his stupid bow) I can often get headshot when I have got him down really low health and could literally just melee him. So a better chance to dodge the arrow and then kill him would mean a lot.

Not even a little hiding that right now I’m considering this change only in theory from my own game experience perspective. I can’t play PTR and I don’t have PTR stats and I don’t footage from PTR yet to watch, so I can only go with knee jerk reactions right now. :crazy_face:

I see they obliterated Baptiste and gave Hanzo a pat in the back and even that is an error, while further nerfing Orisa because WE. CANT. HAVE. DOUBLEBARRIER.

The “this char is oppressive” dev bias brigade strikes again.

But it was expected that they would nerf baptiste hard for daring to fill a vacuum.


No i mean, at those low ranks you are there 100% because you are not good enough. Because there is no teamplay, you have no teammates to blame in the bigger picture.

So the players who are better, will climb until they reach maybe 3700 or so where teammates start to matter.

Then if they struggle with new Bap they will need to adapt and get good like the t500 baps will.

This one seems to be appropriate.

This one too.

Winston and Hammond had MUCH better mobility than D.Va, so bringing her on par with the other Dive Tanks in this aspect might at least be a small step into the right direction.

But this is not even CLOSE to being enough to justify picking her over any other Tank.

To make up for an undeserved sledge hammer nerf it needs a sledge hammer buff. Why would you leave the most popular Tank in trash tier for an entire year with the recent DPS Q times? :woman_facepalming:

Don’t really know if that will be enough, but we will see.

Take out the sledge hammer already. This is doing nothing.

Stop messing with CDs and recovery time and start dealing with his damage/knockback range.


So he can dump 475 damage into a barrier in 1.7 seconds, at which is nearly the same DPS as a Reaper. (279DPS vs 280DPS)

And if he’s headshotting a Winston, he’s spitting out 950 damage on 1.7seconds, such is more DPS than a Sentry Bastion. (558DPS vs 550DPS)

At least with an idea like this one, he maintains that amazing headshot potential, but isn’t dumping trucktons of damage with bodyshots/barrier shots.

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Make Storm Arrow only 3 arrows on Hanzo.

Take away Multi-Freeze on Mei.

Make Orisa Damage reduction on Fortify 30%.

These 3 changes are the most important. Fix these and the whole game is fixed.


Hell yes!

Another game i wont be playing thank you for ruining my experience. Mei was a problem and so was bap i like how you keep pushing players really dumb nerfs. Doom stays in there air for 5 seconds? easy pick now. Hanzo less time for a multi shot? wow just a tad less time if your caught in that and the player can aim ur dead either way. you always just have to go above and beyond to keep me away. i used to love this game so much no wonder OWL numbers are dropping.

I’m no dev, but I think if Pharah straight up got meaningful buffs (viable without Mercy pocket) it’d make Pharmacy obscenely op in the process. She’s unbuffable :confused:

Also please make Reaper Life Steal 30%.

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Doomfist is not really getting a nerf. Good job lol
If you are in range of Mei’s freeze, slowdown is not going to do anything.
Baptise needed a nerf, but you guys gutted him. Why are some nerfs so extreme?

Good job on the Mei nerf ,Ball is going to have a field day now! Rollseyes:

Don’t forget that storm arrow get nerfed too, cuz the speed of storm arrow is the same that the max speed of primary.

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its definitely the speed.
just tried him out, still 125 body shot, but the arrows feel much slower.

oops it already got explained in the last few posts i didnt read sry

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I don’t think we share the same point of view.

Nerfs that are meant for GM and Top 500 won’t help lower ranks in any way since it’s already hard on them to climb with no coordination from their team… and now they’ll have even weaker heroes to play because of the constant nerfs.

I feel bad for them and pity anyone that would start playing the game in 2020. I think it’s gonna be hard for most people not to get harstuck around Gold or Plat, especially if we keep making patches around a loud minority of players.

Thanks for sharing your opinion though.