Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – February 26, 2020

I’m guessing it means tanks like rein can walk through one pillar of icewall instead of needing two pillars to be broken for them to be free

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Rein is fine as is, its the hero’s strength around him that determine meta, ie strength of supports and stun mechanics (and lucio).


Nerfing Dva when she was finally feeling good after being in the dumpster for months? What a stupid change. How about buffing the trash tier tanks instead. Dva is fine with a 3s cooldown



Jeff, the teaser.


cool, this was needed

ah, yes, combating powercreep with more powercreep, will work 100%, I know soldier is fine and hes one of the few dps that are actually fun to play against but still



Does the Mei wall change take away the exploit that allows players to get the wall back faster by simply not destroying it?

do you find rein to be a symptom of the meta or a problem? ignoring his endless meta dominance in ranked since the start (he’s pretty inconsistent in pro play), he’s the best tank in both owl and the live game and i wonder what the stance on the hero is


I’m glad they didn’t nerf rein. Rein is absolutely the most fun main tank to play in the game when you aren’t perma-stunned (last patch has helped with that).

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Noooooooooooooooo! It was fun while it lasted though.

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I think devs just realize that most main tanks enjoy playing rein over other main tanks.

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Mei wall should’ve been 12 seconds. I feel like this, and the Dva nerf will make it harder for us low-tier players.

any updates on QPC achievements???


Cool. But they still didn’t fix the bug of where Mei is still in the game.

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Smells like overkill, if ya ask me…

Dunno if it’ll help much, but it sounds scary

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Soldier can sprint while reloading? Woah, I never thought I would see the day.

In all seriousness, that is a real buff. Hopefully that allows him to compete with McCree a bit better.

No buffs for Orisa or Baptiste?

Nothing for Sigma that actually matters?



Good patch overall… My only concern is Soldier’s Helix Rockets CD, it should’ve been set to 7 seconds imo… And D.va’s nerf… idk what I think of it yet.

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Might be too much.
But oh well, could be worse.

If it’s not enough, they could always make it so you can’t deploy icewalls through barriers.

Ooh, this is great.