Overwatch process continues after close


When closing the Overwatch PTR, the process still exists in task manager. This also causes the Battle net client to show that the game is still running.

I noticed this occurring when I still heard audio from the game (it was the sound of seagulls calling, assuming from the title screen of the game) even after the game was closed.


Same : I close my game, but Battle net consider it still running. I tried to find it and close it but it’s nowhere to be found.

Closing Battlnet and open it again give me back the “play” button for the PTR.

(Chris Avina) #3

Thanks for posting this issue. We are investigating it further.


I get this as well but I don’t hear any audio from the game. The process is still running and I can kill it off in task manager at which point the launcher no longer sees the game running.

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Thanks for contributing additional information to assist us. There is a new PTR update that potentially corrects this issue. Please let us know if you still experience these problems.

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