Overwatch Not Using the Right GPU

I’m currently having issues where Overwatch is not running on the correct GPU. A few points of context:

  • I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 and whenever the Overwatch application is running, the task manager is saying that I’m running Overwatch on my internal GPU.
  • The Overwatch launcher is running on the NVIDIA but the Overwatch application is not running on the NVIDIA.
  • In the Overwatch game settings under video at the top, it has the correct graphic card (NVIDIA) displayed.
  • I have tried what was suggest on this forum post Ow using wrong graphic card and the last comment by ToxicBandit is having the same problem.

Hopefully this is enough context. if you have any suggests on how to fix the problem (or if I’m an idiot and a based on the context above I should be using the right GPU) then I’d appreciate the information.

You can disable the internal GPU via bios (something you’ll have to look up). But also, is your performance affected at all? Because task manager in Windows 10 has a bug where it says the GPU is at 0% when it isn’t. And if Overwatch is showing the name of your card, it’s using the correct one.

Yes I think you are right in that overwatch is showing the right card, and it’s actually a windows bug. As for the performance of Overwatch, it seems to be off and on with the lag issues but now that I know about that bug I think it might be unrelated to which GPU overwatch it using. It might be something with the different Wireless I’m using or something. Anyway, thanks for the help.