Overwatch Not starting with the 004 error message

As title says overwatch refuses to open and comes up with the 004 error message. i have no Razer programs on my pc anymore my graphics driver is up to date along with my windows being up to date. HoTs also runs for one game then turns into a slide show before just not letting me play at all. ALL steam games i have tried tested with have ran for hours without any issue.

We can’t help with the diagnostic files requested at the top of the forum.

I have the DxDiag but i cant reply with its character count being too high

Lets put it in a pastebin instead:

  1. Go to www.pastebin.com
  2. In the open field paste your DxDiag there and click “Create New Paste” (Please note you are not required to create an account on that website and your file will remain there temporarily for a few days.)
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If the link copied properly this should be it

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Problem signature:
P1: wallpaper32.exe

Are you using live wallpapers/slideshow? Try turning that off.

Problem signature:
P1: AISuite3.exe

Try turning disabling this ASUS app from loading at startup.

turned off my wallpaper animation and turned off Ai suite restarted my pc and still getting the same 004 error prompt after it fails to launch

Hey there,

Is BLZOWCLI00000004 the error you’re seeing? If so, there may be an issue with the GPU drivers. I’d try using DDU to wipe the drivers fully and then do a clean install to see if that helps.

  1. Download DDU here
    • Click on the first link under “Announcements” titled Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU). Then click the “Official Download Here” link to start the download.
  2. Run the .exe file and extract the contents to the default location. Open the new folder and run the Display Driver Uninstaller.
  3. You will get a pop-up saying it is recommended to reboot in Safe Mode, feel free to ignore this if you are not familiar with how to get into Safe Mode. To start the removal process, click on the driver type on the right side first, then click “Clean and restart”
  4. Once the PC restarts, go ahead and download the current drivers here: Geforce Driver Results | NVIDIA
  5. Run the driver installer and use the default/recommended install steps.

Before starting the game again, reset the game settings through the Battle.net app.

That was the error i was getting. Seems that that may have fixed it for the time being but ill keep those steps in mind if it happens again. thanks