Overwatch Not Launching

I need help please…

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Would you be able to provide some more info regarding the issue? Are you getting any error messages? Are you getting a black screen and then the game closes? If its the former please provide the error message. If its the latter, it may be related to the Chroma issue here.

Past that we’ll want to get a DxDiag report. You’ll want to copy and paste the contents in a post here like so:
DxDiag Contents

I am getting a black screen after launching and its really annoying its been happening since yesterday I just wanna play the game I did almost everything I dont have razer sdk or any products from razer I have a gtx 1060 I did the dxdiag thing it seems I am the only one to have this problem since jan or 2 years ago

If you have the DxDiag can you post the report?

It is under the msinfo widows report error right?

Not quite sure what you mean. There’s steps to export the DxDiag report here. Once exported you’ll want to copy and paste the contents in a response here. I recommend formatting it like so:

Edit: Locking this thread as the rest of the troubleshooting was performed here.