Overwatch no longer running smoothly


what the title says. currently using my sisters laptop which is i5 (not sure if 8600 or something) and a geforce 940mx. it used to run perfectly fine at low settings before but one day it suddenly decided it would become unplayable 12-25fps and freeze frequently for no reason. if anyone can help thanks in advance


While I have different specs, I just wanted to reply to this and say I’ve been having the same issue for months now with no solution as well. I’ve tried everything Blizzard has said in other threads - updating drivers, tweaking settings, I can’t even remember what else. I thought it was my internet so I even got a new provider which is great, but my framerate drops down to 8fps. The game has been unplayable for months now!


check if there are background processes and close them

set your game to 75% render scale

set every single thing to low

make sure your computer is not overheating


FPS drops are often dependent on very specific issues to each individual machine, however, there are a few good tips to try. First, try this article:

Next, please check your NVidia control panel for the following settings:
First, you need to set your Power Management settings to the high performance setting. If you don’t have a performance/quality setting already, you can use the left hand side of the power plan window to create one.

Now that this is done:

  1. Right click your desktop and go to Nvidia Control Panel
  2. Select Manage 3d Settings from the left menu
  3. Click the Program Settings tab
  4. Select the Overwatch Application in the list. If it isn’t there, Add it using the option next to the drop down
  5. In the options below, find CUDA - GPUs
  6. Set this to your Nvidia card, then click Apply
  7. Select Configure Surround, PhysX from the left menu
  8. Toggle the PhysX settings dropdown to use your Nvidia card.

Finally, reset the game settings to force it to pick up the changes.

I also have additional tips in my guide here:


Thanks for the help I will try them out