Overwatch needs to recognize palestine as a legitimate state

This is not politics, only human rights


Pretty sure there’s some legal stuff they said before regarding getting flags. They can’t just put them in they actually have to go into talks with certain groups to get approval for flags.

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A quick google has lead me to this post from Jeff Kaplan on the old forums:

We would like to add more flags to the game. Oddly, we run into a lot of legal issues when we do but we’ll keep pushing to make it happen!


They say said if they have their ways, Blizzard will put every single flag of every country in the Summer Event.

So it is definitely legal reasons.

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political agendas no legal

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well then they have to take out the israel flag then, only way thats fair to palestine until that flag is added into the game

Palestine is also not the most progressive country to say the least…


I love Israel, beautiful country.

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What about the people who are Israeli? How are they going to feel if their flag is removed from the game?

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The same way the people of Palestine feel.


I mean, Blizzard associating themselves with people who are against Israel, who is an American ally, isn’t the best idea in the world.


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Then how about we take out all the flags in the world? Have nothing there. That way, no one will feel left out, and we don’t have to worry out politics.

Son, that’s just not the way the world works. You’re just going to have to wait. I know it’s not fair, but nothing is ever fair. Nothing.

This isn’t about political agendas. It’s about the legalities of putting a nation’s flag into a game. Have patience. Be calm.

Is Palestine internationally recognised by a governing body as its own separate state?
Because that may be the reason why they haven’t put it in.

They should delete Overwatch, because the flag of my country isn’t in the game. How dare they!

Overwatch isn’t political. You got the reasons for the Palestine flag not being in the game mentioned already. The flag of my country isn’t in the game as well, just like of another… 140+ countries, or so. And guess what, it doesn’t mean that the developer team have anything against those nations.

Looks at watch

How long until this thread is 404’ed?

Or how about we leave politics out of a video game

This thread has been made before.

Better yet, it looks like it’s nearly exactly the same as the original one that got locked months ago.

What gives?

Just a short while ago a terrorist did a drive-by on an Israeli bus stop. The government of the West Bank celebrated putting a pregnant woman and her unborn child in critical condition.

No telling. Some posts get removed immediatly, others last a couple of hours haha.

Lets see how much this particular troll annoys Blizz :joy::joy: