Overwatch Mercanaries v2.0 (Custom PvE mode)

This is a fledgling mode. I would appreciate feedback!

Overwatch Mercanaries is an arcade-like PvE mode where up to 6 players fight off hordes of A.I. opponents in a small, specified area (inspired by the extra game-mode found in the Resident Evil franchise of the same name). Please see “How To Start” below before playing.

Map: Route 66
Level: Bar Fight
Currently, the only map available is Route 66. I will include future maps at a later date.


  • Team 1 must survive 40 waves in order to win.

  • Specially balanced for single player. Enemies do less, but considerable, amounts of damage and the player is healed 125 HP after every kill. (My preffered way to play cause it gets you on edge). Reach 15 waves to win. The A.I. do not get buffed in single-player (it would become impossible).

  • Includes my Crosshair Accurate 3rd Person Camera for those who like to have some fun. Press the INTERACT button to toggle between First Person and 3rd Person. Refer to here for any questions regarding the 3rd person camera (Toggle-able Crosshair Accurate 3rd Person Camera)

  • Every 5 waves, the A.I. will receive buffs to their health.

  • Each enemy can randomly spawn with one to two of 4 power-ups (stay tuned for future patches which may include more power-ups), each with a unique color so it’s easy to identify them. You must kill the A.I. with the power-up in order to receive the benefits.

Health: The enemy will have green sparkles floating around them (only spawn when more than 1 player are playing). Instantly heals the player 125 HP.
Tri-Damage: The enemy will have red sparkles floating around them. Multiplies player damage by 3 for 5 seconds.
Haste: The enemy will have purple sparkles floating around them. Makes the player 25% faster than usual for 5 seconds.
Instant Ult: The enemy will have yellow sparkles floating around them. Sets the player’s ult charge to 100% regardless if they have used it or not (so use your ults).
Moon Gravity: The enemy will have blue sparkles floating around them. Sets the player’s gravity to 75% and allows them to super jump high above the battleground. Lasts for 5 seconds.


  1. Create A.I. Opponents on Team 2, and set them to any difficulty (medium to hard recommended). It doesn’t matter whether you fight tons of Bastions or Roadhogs or one of every hero.

  2. Once all players have spawned on team 1, approach the Start Game ring to begin the game. You have 30 seconds to setup/get in position before the onslaught begins.

  3. Have fun!


Q: Why is there only one map that can currently be played?
A: Due to the nature of how my gamemode works, I need to create custom spawn locations for not only the Player, the A.I., but also the level boundaries and it’s associated effects. This means I will have to make a custom code for every map and/or map instance (such as capture maps having 3 maps in one, which means potentially 6 levels per capture map.) In the event I do, they will be located at the top, right under Route 66.


1.) Implement more power-ups. I have a few in mind. Some as expected as Invincibility, and others a little “out there.” This will take a while.
2.) Create more “levels,” which are essentially sections of maps that I find appealing/fun/interesting battlezones.
3.) Adjust the buffing system for the A.I. Currently, it only buffs their health and speed, but I can try to balance out an increase in damage, or a change in their physics.
UPDATE: Buffing A.I. health has proven itself more difficult than it should be. They gain too much health too fast, and I can’t seem to fix this. I will try an alternative method to make them increasingly more difficult. Speed will not be buffed.
4.) Continued balancing based on user feedback.

If you got this far in the description, then thank you! I worked really hard on this. I welcome any and all feedback!

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