Overwatch Low FPS rate


I have been having a couple fps drops in some games other the last months, but nothing too bad. But recently, it has started to do it every game and now even in deathmatchs. I have an NVDIA 1060 and i normally can run the game on 144 FPS, but now even on 60 FPS, it constantly drops to 20.

Hey, I’m having this problem too. 30-40 FPS drops when I was playing yesterday at solid 100FPS.

Are you using any Razer peripherals?

closing razer synapase did it for me


No, i am not using any Razor Peripherals. If it helps, i have a Logitech G402 and a Logitrch Headset G430.

This suggests a more serious issue then, since it appears that either your GPU is throttling itself to the point of barely being used, you’re switching to an integrated GPU mid-game, or some other conflict is happening. Please add a DxDiag here :slight_smile:

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While you wait for assistance, I suggest opening the Windows Reliability History tool, which will likely show you what’s happening in the background to cause any errors.

Hello again,

here it is, s a pastebin hash cide :


What were the critical errors present in the Reliability History tool?

You might be having a problem with this HP app:

Nom d’événement : BEX64
Réponse : Non disponible
ID de CAB : 0

Signature du problème :
P1 : AppHelperCap.exe
P2 : 1.20.1790.0
P3 : 5e7a652a
P4 : StackHash_15d9
P5 :
P6 : 00000000
P7 : PCH_D5_FROM_ntdll+0x000000000009CBC4

If disabling/addressing that doesn’t work, then I would definitely look for overheating next:

I only got errors concerning not closing programs when i turned my laptop off, nothing else when i actually played Overwatch (i have a precise record of when i played so i can compare)

I think this is the problem indeed. My computer feels very very hot when i play and it almost burns to put my finger on any part other than the keyboard, i have noticed today. Also, my fans (that i can see without opening my laptop) look pretty dusty. I’m going to give fixing the HP app a try and clean my computer tomorrow. I’ll come back to you once of tried both of these tomorrow

I don’t know if this will help identiying if it is that indeed but my CPU and GPU go up to 90° when i play. Doesn’t sound right to me. (I checked with HWMonitor)

Thanks for your help this far

Whoa, yeah that is definitely too hot. The max temp for most CPUs and GPUs is 100C, which is the point at which they will shut off. When you get close to that temperature, your hardware will start throttling to create less heat by offering less performance.