Overwatch locked @ 144hz 144fps... I want more FPS, please


I haven’t been in the competitive mode in this game, in a serious manor in some time. I was rocking over 200 fps with an input delay of 6-7 MS…

I’ve recently upgraded from a gtx 980, using the same in-game settings to a T, to a GTX 1080. Now, my framerate is locked to 144hz to my monitor, even though I don’t have “Display based” selected.


Here’s a pic of my settings(oh my god, why can’t I just post a picture of this? Christ.) , my FPS is locked to 144 in game no matter what:

Res scale @ 100%
Vsync off
trip buffering off
reduce buffering on
limit fps custom
300 limit maxed out
All my settings are on low except textures @ medium.

Any ideas here? I want more frames. My girlfriends PC with an identical CPU, using my old GPU a GTX 980 is getting 200 frames or more lol. Wtf. Why can’t I unlock this?


Check your NVIDIA Control Panel settings for Overwatch. Make sure VSync isn’t on there, or something else that locks the framerate to 144FPS.


It’s not. No nvidia inspector or riva tuner. Nothing. This is a fresh Windows and driver install…


I have some advanced tips that might help you get faster performing FPS on your system here:


I appreciate your guide but it’s not necessary. I’m teskavvy and can overclock and build pc’s with my eyes closed. I’ve applied most of whats in this guide and yeah, my game is already on all low. My game should be pushing 300 fps with my hardware, something is locking it to 144 and it’s not in the game and driver. I have no idea what’s going on.


Are you running Overclocks? I recommend returning any GPU and CPU overclocks to normal speeds, Overwatch sometimes does not play friendly with those.


I’m not running any overclocks -_-

Seriously. No overclocks. No fps limits. Everything is on LOW. My comp is NOT overheating. I have the latest gpu drivers (Ive reinstalled several times)…

No matter what I do. The game is locked @ 144 FPS and I can’t fix it.


While we in support don’t really help too much with optimizing FPS beyond 60, your in-game refresh rate never going over your monitor refresh rate is kind of weird. Do you have a gsync monitor?


Having same problem here. Don’t play too often anymore but with the latest update i seem to be capped at 144fps even though i have a 240hz monitor with my resolution on the 240hz setting. All nvidia settings are as normal, no vsyncs etc. But yeh 144fps on 240hz is pretty grim after playing with 240 in the past