Overwatch league

Heyy overwatch,

I watched all the streams from the beginning the encores and the other ones like every stream but didn’t got anything i used to get I already texted the blizzard support but they send me here i hope you guys can help me.



There is no way to provide any support to help get rewards now that the Overwatch League season has ended. Assistance can only be provided to help correct any issues to resume clocking in hours toward rewards.

I Myself watched overwatch league and didn’t get sombra skin, i think u were suppose get sombra when you watch 3 hours, but i got only roadhog (even when sombra was suppose be same hour tier) and i’m kinda sad cause i only watched to get sombra skin :slight_smile:

It was actually 6 hours that needed to be watched. You may have had Roadhog already was it was accidentially distributed to some players earlier this season.

So i basically get nothing and you cant help me? So i watched all the streams for nothing?

All that can I advise is carefully double-check your hero gallery. Do NOT turn on the filters as there is a bug going on with them. The skins will be labeled “Overwatch League Grey” and “Overwatch League White” for the eligible heroes that could be obtained.

Unfortunately, my ability to help is limited to identifying possible issues and having users correct those issues while there is still broadcasts remaining. For this promotion, there is no live broadcasts left. So the only option is to wait and hope a similar opportunity to collect these skins returns.

I already checked it like 1000 times and asked blizzard community i appt in this forum because they said i must ask here but you cant do anything too? Why did they say i must make a report here? If nobody can help me

The bug report forum is intended to report issues with the game itself and Blizzard does not provide direct responses here. The problem with live stream rewards is that it involves an outside promotion system that uses your BattleNet account which the Overwatch Development Team is not involved with short of setting up the skins in the game (which we know that part works fine).

When it comes to earning rewards, you really do have to be vigilant and ask for help when something is not working right while there is still time to make it up. Obviously this is not easy with a tiny promotion window with the grand finals. I maintain key troubleshooting on my streaming rewards guide which is pinned in the #general-discussion forum, but those steps are only usable if there is time remaining to keep watching (presuming any problems are fixed on your end). In the end, a very high majority of eligible players did receive their rewards from the Playoffs and the Grand Finals this year, so unfortunately there is little that can be done from the very few cases that I am seeing here.

Again, at this point, your best option is to wait for another opportunity. If you have feedback about how Blizzard handles live stream rewards you can post that feedback on the forums, but be sure to do it in the #general-discussion forum where it is more likely to be reviewed by the Overwatch community managers.

So i must wait for another opportunity so the reaction to my question is yes i do get nothing and i watched it for nothing

I watched the grand finals and I didn’t get the OWL skins, tokens and the spray I kinda got robbed