Overwatch League & Twitch Rewards Guide - Hourly Token Drops Delayed


The new leaderboard begins in stage 3. Until then users can still cheer bits to reach the Stage 2 top 500.


Why then Blizzard called the reset “at the end of the Stage” in the FAQ?? This is not the end of Stage 2, it’s the beginning of Stage 3, after Allstar Weekend etc…Gold digger…


We’ll have the Atlantic or Pacific skins?
Not the Lúcio and Mercy ones, the ones that used by the players (and casters in the Talent show). They’re clearly done for this event, the dark blues and goldens with ‘P’ and ‘A’ logos.

Dreaming it’s free, but we still waiting the OWL skins too…


I have problems trying to log in to get my tokens please help! I don’t know where to send a ticket or where to post my problem I really want the Mercy skin and I just need a few tokens.

I have tried in Google chrome and the battle.net launcher and it just don’t show the stream


This sounds like a connection problem to Twitch itself, try switching web browsers first, but if you can’t load the stream check their general troubleshooting here for that:



Hi there. i have done this. :frowning: I have spoken to blizz and they say there is nothing they can do. I don’t understand this since it is their product…


Twitch is not their product. That is a platform operated by Amazon.


no i mean the owl tokens


Twitch handles the drops of the OWL tokens.

If you are not earning tokens go to the starting post and click the Troubleshooting drop down section, work through all steps, note that making changes takes time to test to see if things work. If all steps are carefully worked, then provide me with your details (Country of residence, platform you are watching on, etc.) so I can pool data to see if there are common issues.


Will the badges that require weekly challenges to level up be available to use in other channels in the future?


I believe those are exclusive to the Overwatch League channel only.


Recently an user asks me about tokens and co, and in the mail, they say the All Stars skins stay until august 27th, but in the site (and videos) says until may 22nd. Is this a typo or they changed it?


The All-Star skins will disappear on May 22nd. The regular season ends in August.


So it’s a typo in the email, maybe they crossed the normal skins/end of OWL with the All Stars dates.


Important! NO MORE MATCHES REMAIN for All-Star skins

Since the All-Star Game has now completed, Overwatch Lleague is on a three-week break. There is no longer any more opportunities to earn tokens from watching Overwatch League during the All-Star skin promotion window. Each Overwatch League skin costs 200 tokens each . If you do not already have enough tokens saved up, you will need to purchase tokens if you wish to acquire the All-Star skins. The skins will be available for purchase from May 7th to May 22nd.

Furthermore, if you believe you are having problems in the last two days of receiving tokens, be prepared to not receive those tokens by now. There are reports of delays in token delivery in the game client, however, this is only for users who have received their notifications in Twitch that they did earn tokens. If you are not even triggering notifications please follow my troubleshooting guide at the bottom of this starting post when Stage 3 starts.


Is there and exact time/date when the owl lvl 2 badge is given out for this season. It says at the end of each stage but the sage has already ended.


When it comes to Bits Top 500, the leaderboard continues until the start of Stage 3.


I streamed the entire all stars event both days and received no tokens. it was supposed to be double! I did not have any problems receiving tokens during the regular owl events. Did they give out any tokens during the all stars event?


Yes they did, a high majority of players still got them just fine. Again I need more information if I am to figure out a common problem among those that didn’t get tokens. First do the troubleshooting in the starting post and then.


Thanks brother, you’re awesome; keep it up.