Overwatch League Tokens

I’ve watched over 10 hours of OW league and still have not received any tokens? All my other friends have gotten theirs. I made sure I was logged on, had no ad blocks whatsoever and still nothing.

What’s going on?

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Have you tried checking your permissions for the Overwatch League site on your Blizzard Account?

  1. Go to https://account.blizzard.com/connections#authorized-applications
  2. Look for the “Overwatch League Page” and click the Revoke button.
  3. Return to OverwatchLeague.com and do a hard refresh (press Ctrl+F5)
  4. Sign into your Blizzard BattleNet Account
  5. When prompted select all three permissions
  6. Attempt to watch another hour of Overwatch League (note the broadcasts are about to end tonight, the next match will start at 1 AM Pacific Daylight Time)