Overwatch league tokens


Overwatch League tokens are expensive and I think that you can buy them if you want but free ones should be given out as well instead of the only free ones being given out at the beginning of the first Overwatch League season and also make them accessible as legendary drops in loot boxes would also fix the problem of the tokens being expensive. I hope that this could be like loot boxes and you can get them for free or buy them.


You can get them by watching the streams too (if you link your account),also it would make sense to give another 100 tokens for the OWL season 2.


How? Character limit…


WyomingMist has a pinned tutorial if you need help. You get one token for every map win you watch.


you get tokens for watching owl plus you get a chance at 100 tokens randomly from it as well, its happened a few times for me personally
they wouldnt include them in loot boxes because they use the money from them to support the teams and they are also benefited from people watching them thats why they give them then as well


Does EU get tokens at all from streams? I remember reading that we don’t… or maybe it’s just some countries blocked from it?


So I can just live my pc on and without watching it and still get tokens lol. Nice. I should have logged in when watching some OWL last year.


you can do that as long as you dont mute the stream itself i believe


You might want to type in chat every now and then, just in case.


Is this true or can you mute the stream?


I never muted the stream, but I did turn it down really, really far. So I could still browse the web, play games, watch Netflix, or whatever without it bothering me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or, my personal favorite - start it up on my phone and leave it plugged into the charger in the corner. That way it’s not affecting my PC at all. Win. lol


My god thats genius.


I turned down the volume of streams and still got the sprays. I’m sure tokens will be the same.


It is funny when ppl assume everyone has access to those tokens.
For me and many others the only way is by spending money (which is fine if the game was actually getting better)


There is no news if there is going to be any fixed giveaway of tokens for the start of the 2019 season. However, Overwatch League Commissioner Nate Nanzer did confirm there is going to be a series of festitivities before the start of the season currently named “Community Countdown”. So I recommend watching out for news about this in the weeks to come.

During the 2018 Overwatch League season, viewers earned single tokens for every map in every match that was played in Overwatch League. There was also random giveaways that issued 100 token drops. I have not confirmed yet if this promotion will be returning for the 2019 season (but I am very sure that it will).


thank you for telling me this
it is appreciated.