Overwatch League Tokens Missing

I watched all 4+ hours of today’s Overwatch League Experimental Card Tournament Day 1 but when I logged in to my Overwatch account, I only received 5 tokens. Shouldn’t I be getting a lot more (like 20 or something tokens)? Or will I get the rest of my tokens later?

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I have been tracking issues on my master thread here:

If you have the time, reply there with whether you watched on YouTube or on OverwatchLeague.com. YouTube seems delayed with delivering rewards, OWL website is working normally for most users.

can someone link me the page on the official overwatch league website where I can watch the experimental stream? I can find the stream on Youtube but not on the official overwatch page

The stream is already over and is no longer live. if you’re wanting to watch it for the fun of it you can do so on YouTube.

The final matches of the community tournament will Air live tomorrow at noon Pacific Daylight Time

Since watching on Youtube is unreliable when it comes out drops, all I have to do tommorow is just go to the overwatch league website, log in to my account, and watch the live stream there? I’m just concerned because I am missing 15 tokens and dont want to miss more.

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Correct my streaming rewards guide has details on how to sign on to OverWatch League.

Sounds good! Just to clarify, if I do not receive any more tokens, will I later be compensated for the missing 15 tokens?