Overwatch League - SHD vs HNZ, NYE vs GUZ, & PHI vs CHE

June Joust • Week 1

East Region Day 2 • Match 1


Shanghai Dragons
Hangzhou Spark
LP: 4 (4-1 +7)
LP: 2 (2-3 +0)

East Region Day 2 • Match 2


New York Excelsior
Guangzhou Charge
LP: 2 (2-3 -5)
LP: 1(1-4 -8)

East Region Day 2 • Match 3


Philadelphia Fusion
Chengdu Hunters
LP: 4 (4-1 +7)
LP: 3 (3-2 +3)

Official Forums Pick'em Top 5
(After Week 6, Day 1 East)
#1 NOSTALGIA 116 points
#3 JUNSEI 112 points
#2 TYLERG 108 points
#4 WYOMINGMYST 107 points
#5 SNOWMAN_99 106 points
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Hey everyone, since the East Region (APAC) matches don’t get a whole lot of discussion for each individual match, I am simply going to be running a single thread for discussion and see how it rolls tonight. It also allows me to go to sleep whenever I hit my limit and not worry about getting the next thread on the schedule up.

Enjoy the matches everyone!


Interesting idea to create just a single thread for all the APAC matches. And at least I can say all my predictions at the same time.

I’m gonna say 3-1 Dragons over the Spark, 3-0 NYXL over the Charge, and 3-2 Fusion over the Hunters. Though after yesterday’s surprise upsets, I am no longer counting anything out! Let’s go!

Scriptwriter stonks are UP! The Spark pull off the upset!

FINAL (Game 1)

Nepal (Control): Hangzhou Spark 2, Shanghai Dragons 1.

Numbani (Hybrid): Hangzhou Spark 4, Shanghai Dragons 3.

Rialto (Escort): Hangzhou Spark 1, Shanghai Dragons 0.

FINAL SCORE OF GAME 1: Hangzhou Spark 3, Shanghai Dragons 0


The Hangzhou Spark go 2-0 and now are just one good match win away from solidifying their spot in the June Joust Tournament. For the Shanghai Dragons, I’m afraid, a 1-1 week was not what they were looking for, and they now head back to the drawing board to determine what changes need to be made so they can qualify for the June Joust.

Next up, we have the NYXL taking on the Guangzhou Charge.

Well…despite getting zero points for my last 5 pickems, I have somehow jumped to first place on the leaderboard?

Did the top 3 leave the forum group?

I think I was 4th going into the May Melee KO, but that weekend completely boomed my pickems. It’s been downhill since then :cry:

Pretty sure that’s the case. I also jumped from place 12 to 5. That said, I think everyone’s pickems will be in ashes this tournament.

CHARLIE NINER ON THE GROUND! Repeat, a snowman’s head has been seen flying over New York City! Guangzhou take the match win over the NYXL!

FINAL (Game 2)

Nepal (Control): Guangzhou Charge 2, New York Excelsior 1.

Hollywood (Hybrid): Guangzhou Charge 3, New York Excelsior 1.

Junkertown (Escort): New York Excelsior 3, Guangzhou Charge 1.

Hanamura (Assault): Guangzhou Charge 1, New York Excelsior C9 (0).

FINAL SCORE: Guangzhou Charge 3, New York Excelsior 1


The Guangzhou Charge go 1-1 after handing the postseason tiebreaker to the Hangzhou Spark (Hangzhou wins head-to-head 2-0) before defeating the NYXL. Meanwhile, the NYXL defeat the raid boss Fusion before they lose to the Charge to also go 1-1. Both the NYXL and Guangzhou Charge are still in the mix for a spot in the June Joust Knockouts.

Now it’s time for the raid boss Philadelphia Fusion to take on the always-mysterious Chengdu Hunters. Both are 0-1, someone will be 0-2 and in serious danger of not making the June Joust after this match. Who is it gonna be? We’re about to find out!

Alright, no offense to the Overwatch League or the teams, but if/when this pandemic is finally over, the League ABSOLUTELY must return to live homestand events so that when someone orders a game pause, everyone’s comms are cut off. I do not care whether it was a Hunters or Fusion player who initiated that OT pause on Dorado, that pause was HIGHLY SUS no matter who initiated it.

-Map 4 Update-

ANOTHER CHARLIE NINER ON THE GROUND! Repeat, a snowman’s head has been seen flying over Philadelphia!

Luckily for the Fusion, the Chengdu Hunters cannot crack Point B and we are going to a Map 5 after a draw on Anubis.


Busan (Control): Chengdu Hunters 2, Philadelphia Fusion 0

Eichenwalde (Hybrid): Chengdu Hunters 2, Philadelphia Fusion 1

Dorado (Escort): Philadelphia Fusion 2, Chengdu Hunters 1

Temple of Anubis (Assault): Philadelphia Fusion 1, Chengdu Hunters 1 (DRAW)

MATCH SCORE: Chengdu Hunters 2, Philadelphia Fusion 1

NEXT UP: OVERTIME! A Control Tiebreaker map will be played. If the Hunters win, the Hunters take the series. If the Fusion wins that map, we go to DOUBLE OVERTIME, where an Escort Tiebreaker map will be played.

I overslept and missed most of the Hunters game. :frowning_face: Is there a reason why Hunters are fielding Yveltal/Faraway as the support duo? I thought they usually ran Nisha/Mmonk with Gaga.

Well, one highly sus pause, a Charlie Niner, a draw, and a Control map tiebreaker later, the Chengdu Hunters become the second team to defeat the raid boss Fusion!


Busan (Control): Chengdu Hunters 2, Philadelphia Fusion 0.

Eichenwalde (Hybrid): Chengdu Hunters 2, Philadelphia Fusion 1.

Dorado (Escort): Philadelphia Fusion 2, Chengdu Hunters 1.

Temple of Anubis (Assault): Philadelphia Fusion 1, Chengdu Hunters 1 (DRAW).

Ilios (Control Tiebreaker): Chengdu Hunters 2, Philadelphia Fusion 0.

FINAL SCORE: Chengdu Hunters 3, Philadelphia Fusion 1



Hangzhou Spark 2-0 (2 League Points) (+5)
Shanghai Dragons 1-1 (1 League Points) (+0)
Guangzhou Charge 1-1 (1 League Points) (+0)
New York Excelsior 1-1 (1 League Points) (+0)


Chengdu Hunters 1-1 (1 League Points) (-1)
Los Angeles Valiant 0-0 (0 League Points) (+0)
Seoul Dynasty 0-0 (0 League Points) (+0)
Philadelphia Fusion 0-2 (0 League Points) (-4)

That’s it for now! A reminder that there is an encore replay presentation of the NYXL versus the Guangzhou Charge later today at 12:30pm EDT (9:30am PDT), and you can earn tokens from that! If live matches are more your thing, the final day of Week 1 NA matches will kick off at 3:00pm EDT (high noon PDT), with Watchpoint starting 30 minutes prior. Until then, please enjoy your Sunday morning. As for me, I’m off to play the auction house game in World of Warcraft: TBC Classic. We’ll see you later today!

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