Overwatch League - NYE vs. HAN & SEO vs. SHA - Knockouts

June Joust • Knockouts

East Region Knockouts • Match 1


New York Excelsior
Hangzhou Spark
LP: 3 (3-5 -6)
LP: 5 (5-3 +9)

East Region Knockouts • Match 2


Seoul Dynasty
Shanghai Dragons
LP: 6 (6-2 -11)
LP: 8 (6-2 +9)

Official Forums Pick'em Top 5
(After Week 8, Day 3 West)
#1 WYOMINGMYST 183 points
#2 NOSTALGIA 182 points
#3 KAETZEE 177 points
#3 SICKONE 177 points
#5 CALUMWYNESS 176 points
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Hey everyone, enjoy this morning’s matches. I am personally not in too much of a mood to watch and will be calling it a night early. I think Shanghai and Spark have this, but if last month’s knockouts were any indication, anything can go.

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Vikki on the mic, my NYXL competing against the hometown heroes, and some great matches about to happen.

Edit: My official predictions: Hangzhou and Seoul advance to the June Joust.

Time for me to go 0/4 in my KO preds again LETS GOOO

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Anyone noticing that NYXL has lots of players with “soft” names like Flora, Feather, Ivy, Bianca, Friday? It’s kinda cool haha.

Kinda like their playstyle. OOOHHHHH!!!

Wow… NYXL winning? In 2021? Wut?

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Spark play out of their mind the whole tournament, and nyxl about to coast through and steal their place :joy:

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And it’s done! The boys did it!

The crowd is silenced! Hangzhou’s perfect stage is for naught! The NYXL advance to the Global June Joust!


Oasis (Control): Hangzhou Spark 2, New York Excelsior 0.

Temple of Anubis (Assault): New York Excelsior 2, Hangzhou Spark C9 (0).

Numbani (Hybrid): New York Excelsior 3, Hangzhou Spark 2.

Dorado (Escort): New York Excelsior 1, Hangzhou Spark 0.

FINAL SCORE: New York Excelsior 3, Hangzhou Spark 1


The New York Excelsior advance to the Global June Joust next weekend. The Hangzhou Spark now have a ton of questions to answer going into the Summer Showdown, including how they had a perfect stage only to disappoint their fans in the end.

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Absolutely insane.
I feel so bad for the spark.
This is really good for the other finalist teams though :eyes:

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Ok people, Seoul or Shanghai?

Shanghai please or else my Pick ems are in shambles…

Same but Dynasty for me :eyes:

Oh no no

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Never bet against profit mate

Yeah but Shanghai is #2 and Seoul #3 so obviously Shanghai is better. That’s how it works, right? :eyes:

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I’m really interested to see how this moira/lucio rush stacks against apac comps

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P.S. If you’re an NYXL fan tonight, please ensure you thank the L.A. Valiant for knocking the Fusion out of the June Joust Knockouts.

And then, celebrate.

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