Overwatch League News - Regular Season Ended


Really surprised by the HotBa trade. I thought if either off-tank was leaving it would be Poko to Paris


I have a feeling I know where Soon and Daemon are ending up, just a hunch :fr:

Gunba has joined Boston’s coaching staff

This also leaves a spot open on LAV, specifically a spot for a Widow/Tracer player…here’s hoping a certain Belgian gets the Thank


Been leaving it a few days to allow for more news to break, but with a big one now being official it feels like a good time to recap the last few days.

First, there was a roster update from Seoul Dynasty. 3 new players have joined; main tank Marve1, off tank Michelle, and main healer Jesce. Marve1 and Michelle both join from Lucky Future Zenith, whilst Jesce comes from Element Mystic.

Next, Boston announced a lone signing. Joining from Gladiators Legion is flex DPS Blasè.

And the big news, news that’s only just been made official, is the new roster of the Shanghai Dragons. Joining Diya, Geguri and Fearless are:

4 of the 6 newbies; DDing, Youngjin, Luffy and Coma; all arrive from KongDoo Panthera. Diem is another graduate of the Lucky Future Zenith side, whilst Guardian joins from Toronto Esports, the Boston academy side.

Looking ahead to the future, Atlanta are hinting they will be revealing their roster tomorrow, and Toronto (the OWL side that is) will likely be doing the same on Wednesday.


This is the news I’ve been waiting for!!! Paris has gone the way I was hoping they would, and is full EU.

It looks like there’s one more unannounced player, but the 9 announced so far are all European.


The Atlanta Reign have been announced!

(And I am now taking time today to update the starting topic.)


Okay got everything back up to date. Sorry for getting stagnant on this project. Was very busy the last couple of weeks putting together my Blizzard/Dev Post Directory Guide and another project which should be popping up soon in the tech support forum.

Thank you so much BenDubz for keeping up with Tweets.


I didn’t know that there were 2 Boston Uprising teams…


Fixed… now gimme some of that popcorn… I am hungry…


How else do you explain the change from s3 -> s4?


Can’t wait to see our contenders only line-up in the A.


Toronto just unveiled their team name. They are the Defiant!


A couple of roster updates. First, this delightful announcement video by the Gladiators:

Roar and Decay both join LAG from KongDoo Panthera. This announcement, along with the Shanghai revamp and the previous news all of Runaway are signed somewhere, means that every player from the Contenders Korea S2 final has been picked up.

The other roster update happened just a few minutes ago. Toronto now has its first 2 players:

Neko departs Boston, whilst after a short period at Meta Bellum, Envy gets a second crack at the big leagues.


Not surprised by the roster announcement but it is a fairly strong way to start. Neko and Envy are both players that were dark horse picks for among the best in the league at their respective roles.

I guess this also by proxy confirms the Toronto roster as the following, from leaks:

Hitscan DPS - Asher
Projectile/Flex DPS - Ivy, Stellar
Main Tank - Yakpung
Off Tank - Envy
Main Support - Aid
Flex Support - Neko

There are also rumours about Wekeed joining but I don’t know if those ones fell through in favour for one of the current leaked DPS. Also note that the roster is only 7 players, so it is not a complete list.


With how close to Blizzcon we are (and I’ll take this chance to remind everyone that Blizzcon = OWWC), it wouldn’t surprise me if all remaining roster announcement are delayed until then. It makes logical sense imo.


Wyoming, I read on ESPN the Defiant will be announcing their roster at the EGLX.

Keep an ear to the ground, I heard it will be today.

edit: EGLX is a gaming expo in Toronto with a few tournaments in different esports (alas no Overwatch show matches)


It was at 2:30, they announced two players. I suppose the rest will be revealed at/around Blizzcon.


OH snap already?


edit: and Doohickey be ready to switc your icon to Defiant. They are going to own the league!!! I hope :slight_smile:


We got envy and Neko!!!


Yeah definitely! The Houston one is just a placeholder :wink:


Unfortunately do not expect the new team icons until next year. The first season of free Overwatch League unlocks came with the 2018 Blizzard World patch (1.18).