Overwatch League isn't crediting OWL Tokens

I don’t know if this is the right category for my problem but seemed liked the closest match.

Recently, Overwatch League hasn’t been crediting OWL Tokens properly. Yesterday I saw an OWL stream (Live) for about 2 hours. I didn’t get credited at all i.e. received 0 tokens. Usually, OWL would deposit the tokens into my account almost as soon as the 1 hour of live streaming was complete. I thought it must have been some fault on my part. Maybe OWL logged me out while I was watching and I didn’t notice.

Today I watched OWL live for about 6 hours. I kept periodic watch on my account (That it was still connected) and on the pink circle that indicates you’re watching a live stream. Everything was good.

However, when I logged into Overwatch, I only received 5 tokens.

Please tell me why this is happening and help me with it if possible.

Edit : Just like to add and reiterate that the tokens granting system worked flawlessly before these 2 days.

I have a troubleshooting guide with key steps to work through in the starting post of this thread: