Overwatch League - HOS vs LON, SFS vs TOR, ATL vs LAG

Week 1 was rough, this week was a little more predictable.

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Yeah exactly. Back on track a bit this week, but man last week was brutal.

toronto will just participate, they have covid and new members just for some matches.

Houston 3 - 0

Shock 3 - 0

Atlanta 3 - 2

last thing, what time would it start

I have the schedule here:

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6PM Pacific on those days.

It’s later because the games are international.

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Woo multi-match thread! Poor London. They just can’t catch a break. Probably going to be a 3-0 today, too. Also, anyone know where Jjangu is? Why Dreamer out of nowhere and only Dreamer the last couple of matches?

so 9 PM for Eastern Time Zone?

Yeah. I’m Central and the site shows 8PM for me.

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Yep, and High Noon (somewhere in the world)


alright thank you both :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

anyone else find it kinda funny how london has a player named ripa but he doesnt play reaper

I didn’t expect much from them even without covid. Always letting me down despite a promising start their first season.

when jake switches from support to dps >>>>

I 'member when Houston used to be the Outluls.

At least London has something to celebrate tonight…albeit not in esports…

FINAL (Game 1):

Oasis (Control): Houston Outlaws 2, London Spitfire 0.

Dorado (Escort): Houston Outlaws 3, London Spitfire 2.

Temple of Anubis (Assault): Houston Outlaws 3, London Spitfire 2.

FINAL SCORE: Houston Outlaws 3, London Spitfire 0


The London Spitfire go 0-4 with a (gulp) -11 map differential and are certainly eliminated from the June Joust, and their playoff hopes are hanging by a thread. For the Outlaws, though, they get back on the right foot and now just need to get a half decent result against COVID-hampered Toronto to ensure they lock up a spot in the June Joust…or come very close to it.

Next up, we have the Shock, all angry and ready without any help, going against the aforementioned COVID-hampered Toronto Defiant. Let’s get started!

Double Bobs
/20 char

The Shock start cool but eventually unleash their rage on the Defiant, and the Shock start their revenge tour on the right foot.

FINAL (Game 2)

Oasis (Control): San Francisco Shock 2, Toronto Defiant 0.

Junkertown (Escort): Toronto Defiant 2, San Francisco Shock 1.

Hanamura (Assault): San Francisco Shock 2, Toronto Defiant 1.

Hollywood (Escort): San Francisco Shock 3, Toronto Defiant 1.

FINAL SCORE: San Francisco Shock 3, Toronto Defiant 1


Lastly, we have the Atlanta Reign going up the Los Angeles Gladiators. Who’s gonna win? We’re about to find out.

Skewed just refused to die on point A.