Overwatch League - GUA vs PHI, CHE vs SEO, & LAV vs HAN

June Joust • Week 3

Live from the Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City Academic Exchange Center - Hangzhou, China

East Region Day 1 • Match 1


Guangzhou Charge
Philadelphia Fusion
LP: 2 (2-4 -6)
LP: 4 (4-2 +5)

East Region Day 1 • Match 2


Chengdu Hunters
Seoul Dynasty
LP: 4 (4-2 +5)
LP: 4 (4-2 +7)

East Region Day 1 • Match 3


Los Angeles Valiant
Hangzhou Spark
LP: 0 (0-6 -17)
LP: 3 (3-3 +3)

Official Forums Pick'em Top 5
(After Week 6, Day 1 East)
#1 WYOMNINGMYST 150 points
#3 NOSTALGIA 148 points
#2 JUNSEI 147 points
#4 SNOWMAN_99 145 points
#5 KAETZEE 142 points
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To quote a line from a certain Star Trek DS9 episode…


Quick note:

Korea-located teams (Philadelphia Fusion and Seoul Dynasty) are still in Korea and they are playing online. The latency equalizer feature is in effect so onsite teams facing against those teams will have their input delayed by the expected latency of the Korea connected team.

Hangzhou Spark Homestand! I cannot wait!

Now, for my predictions:

Philadelphia 3-0 over Guangzhou
Seoul 3-2 over Chengdu
The hometown heroes Hangzhou Spark 3-0 over the L.A. Valiant

REMINDER: The 5 Chinese based teams are LIVE from the Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City Academic Exchange Center in Hangzhou, China. This includes the Spark (which are hosting), the Hunters, the Charge, the Dragons, and the L.A. Valiant. The 3 Korean-based teams are competing over the Internet due primarily to the travel restrictions on people traveling into and out of China. This includes the Philadelphia Fusion, the NYXL, and the Seoul Dynasty.

Please no more Echo duplicating D.Va every time. I’m getting bored of 4 D.Va bombs every fight.

What? Not explosive enough for you?

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AFTER MAP 2 (Match 1)

Oasis (Control): Philadelphia Fusion 2, Guangzhou Charge 0

Hanamura (Assault): Guangzhou Charge 3, Philadelphia Fusion 3 (DRAW)

MATCH SCORE: Philadelphia Fusion 1, Guangzhou Charge 0

NEXT UP: The second half of Charge vs. Fusion.

Edit: It has been apparently confirmed by the Overwatch League that a C9 was committed by Guangzhou. That would explain the snowman’s head seen flying over Guangzhou…

This match is clearly demonstrating why they added two new balance changes to the live patch.

How the hell did Alarm get the pick on Kariv?

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The Fusion score the first victory of the Hangzhou Spark Homestand!


Oasis (Control): Philadelphia Fusion 2, Guangzhou Charge 0.

Hanamura (Assault): Guangzhou Charge 3, Philadelphia Fusion 3 (DRAW).

Hollywood (Hybrid): Philadelphia Fusion 3, Guangzhou Charge 1.

Junkertown (Escort): Philadelphia Fusion 3, Guangzhou Charge 1.

FINAL SCORE: Philadelphia Fusion 3, Guangzhou Charge 0


The Fusion stay in the hunt for the June Joust, while the Charge now find themselves almost certain to be held out of the June Joust.

Next up, we have the Chengdu Hunters taking on the Seoul Dynasty. This should be a good one, let’s see what happens.

First time I am trying to get OWL skin like this…I am from EU, my accounts are linked. when can I start my 4 hours to get grey Mercy? I am very confused of this times. Thank you.
Also, can I watch it on youtube, if I have linked acc? Will I get the skin?

Skin is available next weekend and yes YT is fine

I just found a live stream…so I should watch it next weekend, or I will get my skin next weekend for watching it now?

It’s a reward for watching the joust and that’s not til next weekend

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Thank you very much! I really can´t miss Mercy skin now.


Profit playing Echo like a widow…

Nerf this…nerf this…nerf this…bastion…nerf this…genji blade…nerf this…nerf this…profit

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A perfect description of the current meta game

Round Summary:

This profit guy is pretty good…

On tonight’s episode of “Whose Forum Thread Is It Anyway?”, we will guest star the “Why do we still have Overtime?” crowd as well as the “Why is Bastion being picked in my Diamond-rank competitive play” crowd…and we will have this match to thank for that.

In other news, after a lengthy technical pause at the start and a very lengthy OT on Temple of Anubis, Seoul Dynasty are one map away from taking the match!

AFTER MAP 2 (Match 2)

Nepal (Control): Seoul Dynasty 2, Chengdu Hunters 0

Temple of Anubis (Assault): Seoul Dynasty 2, Chengdu Hunters 1

MATCH SCORE: Seoul Dynasty 2, Chengdu Hunters 0

NEXT UP: The second half of Hunters vs. Dynasty. The Seoul Dynasty are on MATCH POINT!