Overwatch League - BOS vs LAG, SFS vs VAN, & FLA vs WAS

June Joust • Week 3

West Region Day 2 • Match 1


Boston Uprising
Los Angeles Gladiators
LP: 3 (3-4 -2)
LP: 4 (4-2 +7)

West Region Day 2 • Match 2


San Francisco Shock
Vancouver Titans
LP: 5 (5-1 +9)
LP: 0-6 (-14)

West Region Day 2 • Match 3


Florida Mayhem
Washington Justice
LP: 4 (4-3 +2)
LP: 4 (4-2 +3))

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#3 WYOMNINGMYST 157 points
#2 JUNSEI 155 points
#4 SNOWMAN_99 152 points
#5 SICKONE 150 points
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custa looks so fruity today

Sorry for showing up late, dungeon group had a member who was constantly AFK cos of “wife aggro”.

As for predictions, I think it’ll be LAG 3-2 over Boston (although I wouldn’t be surprised if that matchup flipped), 3-0 SFS over Vancouver, and 3-1 Florida over Washington.

Edit: Here’s the June Joust standings going into today.

*Atlanta Reign 3-1 (3 League Points) (+6)
*Houston Outlaws 3-1 (3 League Points) (+5)
Los Angeles Gladiators 2-0 (2 League Points) (+5)
Boston Uprising 2-1 (2 League Points) (+5)
San Francisco Shock 2-0 (2 League Points) (+4)
Dallas Fuel 2-1 (2 League Points) (+2)


Paris Eternal 2-1 (2 League Points) (+2)
Florida Mayhem 1-2 (1 League Points) (-1)
(E)Toronto Defiant 1-3 (1 League Points) (-5)
Vancouver Titans 0-2 (0 League Points) (-6)
Washington Justice 0-2 (0 League Points) (-6)
(E)London Spitfire 0-4 (0 League Points) (-11)

*=Clinched spot in June Joust
(E)=Eliminated from June Joust

OW just announced June’s contender skins (Sombra & Zarya), so looks like I’m watching some Contenders this month.

Any idea where I can find a schedule? I didn’t see anything on the main page.

I always keep an updated schedule here: Overwatch Streaming Rewards Guide & Troubleshooting

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the tempo from map 1 is completely different from the tempo on map 2

Beep Boop Beep, Bastion picks Gladiators to go 3-1

Amazing job, as always.

Blizzard should consider themselves blessed that they caught you as a fan. Keep up the awesome things you do to improve the community, and thanks again.

hey kevster? i like what im seeing

The L.A. Gladiators get the victory and claim their spot in the June Joust!

FINAL (Match 1)

Oasis (Control): Boston Uprising 2, Los Angeles Gladiators 0.

Temple of Anubis (Assault): Los Angeles Gladiators 2, Boston Uprising 1.

Eichenwalde (Hybrid): Los Angeles Gladiators 2, Boston Uprising 1.

Dorado (Escort): Los Angeles Gladiators 2, Boston Uprising 1.

FINAL SCORE: Los Angeles Gladiators 3, Boston Uprising 1.


The Los Angeles Gladiators stay in the hunt for a Top 2 seed and just need a decent result tomorrow to clinch their spot in the June Joust.

Now, it’s time to see if the Titans can get some breadsticks for their fans. The rules are simple:

Titans supports Boop an enemy off the map (i.e. Lucio)
Titans take it to Map 5

Will Vancouver claim their breadsticks? Or will the Shock force the fans to eat some frozen turkey? Let’s find out.

New Breadsticks rule for those within reach of Canada Pizza Huts…

…and we are starting on Lijang Tower and Titans are running a Lucio…

oh man…whats that stench? jesus…am i the only one?? whew it is strong…this entire area just reeks of 3-0…good lord thats overwhelming

I remember when the Shock Vs Titans use to mean something.

anybody vs titans really

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Well…that was fun I suppose :neutral_face:

as i like to say whenever a bad hero stack shows up in MH…

welp…that was a match that was played

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Match finished quicker than when my Pizza arrived. Still isn’t here yet.

Yep, I remember that as well.

Meanwhile, Shock just told the Titans, “I win! No breadsticks for you!” by pitching a perfect game.

FINAL (Match 2)

Lijiang Tower (Control): San Francisco Shock 2, Vancouver Titans 0.

Hanamura (Assault): San Francisco Shock 1, Vancouver Titans 0.

Hollywood (Hybrid): San Francisco Shock 3, Vancouver Titans 0.

FINAL SCORE: San Francisco Shock 3, Vancouver Titans 0


Now, it’s time for the final match of the day…Florida Mayhem versus Washington Justice. The Mayhem needs a 3-0 in this match to stay alive for the June Joust Knockouts. Will the Mayhem pitch a near perfect game? Only one way to find out.


If it’s from Pizza Hut, be sure to tip your delivery driver well…and say “We’re sorry for the match loss.”

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