Overwatch League 2019 Twitch Rewards Guide & Troubleshooting


For the MegaCheer to trigger, do you have to put the icon + 300 bits or can you put something like (icon + 50 bits) x6 in the same message


Thanks for the reports guys. To confirm, you did watch on overwatchleague.com right?


No it must be a single cheer at 300 bits or more.


Nope, I watch always in the Twitch channel page directly, since 2018 season.

BTW, any hints for the OW skins? The ones with grey-copper colors and OWL logo.


Just want to drop a line in and say that my gal and I haven’t received our tokens for today… we were logged into twitch, watching the entire day, all 4 matches. We have also logged out of the game and blizzard client multiple times…


Okay, have you gone through my steps in my troubleshooting section in my starting post. Also can you please tell me which country you live in?


I will definitely look into it, but to be honest I am not that concerned about receiving them if I have a lengthy process to go through. But I will check out the guide!!! Just wanted to report in. Seems like a few people are having similar issues? EDIT USA


Ok so I just did what you detailed to do. Not too hard. Still no tokens… a little bummed but can’t complain as they are “free.” I am using a dell laptop with windows 10. Was using twitch with chrome. I am in the USA. I have tried restarting my game and blizzard client, and clearing my cookies and cache, and restarting my computer and then the game/client again.


now that you’ve completed this troubleshooting the best thing we can do is have you keep trying to watch the next day when matches come live. Remember watching reruns like the one that’s currently airing right now does not count towards earning tokens.


I don’t know if this has been answered somewhere else, but what’s the situation regarding the Overwatch League Gray skins availability? I have only purchased this years OWL Pass, but can’t find them anywhere. Will there be another opportunity to get them?


Can I post images yet?

EDIT: I can
holy crap I’m finally trust level 3


You need to cheer 300 bits on Twitch. I’m not sure what that means, but that’s what it says.


That is one of the 2018 promotions. I do not believe that is extended this year.


Oh sorry, I have those skins, I mean the McCree, Moira, Soldier etc skins. But reading WyomingMyst’s response, perhaps there will be a new promotion this year to get them?


There are D.Va, Reinhardt, Lucio and Mercy skins

Just says ‘coming soon’ on how to get them though.


My guess is on more bits

And btw for you all that dont know, you cheer your team with bits that you get from real $$$, or smth like dat

Soooo your essentially paying for the skins

I think 300 bits = 3$ so their cheap


I watched through twitch app - not OWL site, sorry.


Anyone know if megacheer is cumulative? Or do we have to cheer 300+ at once? Coz don’t have 1000 bits to do that haha


I am watching them live my dude. Still no tokens. Don’t understand why TF it isn’t working but as I said, as it is “free” I really can’t complain.


A Megacheer is a single cheer transaction of 300 bits at once.

Give it until 2 PM, this will for sure make sure that you watched at least an hour of match time.