Overwatch League 2019 Twitch Rewards Guide & Troubleshooting


Well someone was crazy enough to dump $1,500 in cheering bits to the Atlanta Reign tonight.


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That’s… wooooooooowwwwwww.
They must really love OWL.


Do I need a twitch account to get the tokens if I am watching on the battle.net OWL tab? It says I am logged in and can receive rewards but I haven’t received any tokens from tonight or last night.


Technically if you are signed into OverwatchLeague.com you should earn tokens. Same with the App Launcher. What country do you live in?


US, when I went to watch on the launcher there was a button to sign in to get rewards. It asked me to agree to link it, which I did. I never visited the overwatch league website on a browser though, do I need to do that too?


If you can that would be great.


I am on the website and it has the same " You are logged in to earn viewership rewards." message under the stream. My account also says the overwatch league is connected on the connections tab. I checked in game again and I still have zero tokens.


Can you try linking your Twitch account (if you have one)?


I don’t have one, do I need to make one?


Yes would have to create an account (its free to create a Twitch account). Right now, I know for sure drops are working on Twitch. Now technically you should be able to earn tokens if watching on either the App Launcher or OverwatchLeague.com with just your BattleNet.

Have you logged into the game itself to see if any tokens have been issued? When on the game, navigate to the Overwatch League menu, and you should see the token count increase one at a time then a prompt flashes at the bottom on the screen.


I logged in the game a few minutes ago and it said I still had zero tokens. I will check again though.

I am sitting on the overwatch league menu in game (with all the team icons) and the counter with the blue tracer in the upper right corner still says zero.

I was under the impression you only need a twitch account if you were watching on the twitch website or app, but if it’s required to receive tokens at all I will go make one.


Yeah, I’d say if you are willing to sign up for a Twitch account to do so and then link the Twitch account with your BattleNet account to at least get you going on earning tokens. Its too late (not enough stream time left tonight) for me to do any testing, but I will try to test a non-Twitch linked account tomorrow.

You are correct, on the non-Twitch platforms, your Blizzard BattleNet account is all you should need. Again, I am just looking for a solution to get it working for you until I can investigate further.


Ok thank you :slight_smile: . I will wait until tomorrow to see if I start getting them without twitch.


Watching fro OWL .com?


I haven’t gotten a single token for watching OWL, yes my account was linked and I was watching on the league’s website


Same, apparently there are issues with the owl site, and as it’s weekend I doubt they’ll be fixed for this round of matches. Basically have to use Twitch.


Hey everyone I will take time to test the non-Twitch platforms today on my alternate account. I have already dropped off word to my Blizzard CS contacts so hopefully they will pass the word on quickly.


I thought it was? The 2018 Blue Tracer Icon is Global (I cant post the screenshot that I have because im too low of a forum level, but it is)


Finally got all my tokens from thurs/fri so no issues for me, seems they fixed the main issue.


To avoid problems, try to view it in the Twitch page (https://www.twitch.tv/overwatchleague/).
Since yesterday, the drops works and updates correctly.