Overwatch League 2019 Twitch Rewards Guide & Troubleshooting


they could drop double amount for next games watching :slight_smile:
EZ clap

3 tokens from 4 hours?

How came that I became eligible for token drops all the sudden?
I never got any during s1.


Yeah so I had the same issue. I was going hardcore, I have three monitors up, bought the all access pass, took tons of clips, and was constantly changing POV in the Command Center (which means it should have registered as actively watching every time I switched POV). And I only got 3 tokens. I just spoke to a GM on a submitted ticket, and he said he ‘didn’t find anything about not receiving tickets except for the standard delay.’ And that he’d forward it to the right people, but he had no way to grant tickets, and they had no way to check if your account had watched it. And it looks like they had this issue last year!

It’s crazy, you should just be able to sit back and relax and watch a stream instead of worrying about having to do something special to get tokens. Plus, if this happened last year, you think they’d care enough about it not happening this year to give us a response that isn’t so worrying. Guess I’m gonna be watching the stream on the Twitch app, I think that’ll probably help circumvent the issue. I’ll report if it worked after tonight.

I know it’s free, they’re not obligated to give us anything free at all. But when your’e promised something and you do everything right to get it, it’s frustrating when you’re told there’s nothing they can do, and it’s a problem on their end. If it was something I’d legitimately neglected to do myself, I’d think that sucks, and move on.


You can’t access the All-Access on the Twitch app. Funny, right?


Actually I have accessed the command center for my app for Android. Please reach out to help.twitch.tv if having App specific issues with the command center.


Everyone, it appears they are trying to catch up on tokens, I just got 6 tokens dropped as I logged into Twitch just now.


I was speaking about the PC desktop app. I had this issue last July, brought it up repeatedly to everyone I could. Still no fix. The button to Command Center is gray and it says it will be back with the live broadcast. I know I’m not the only person with this issue.


Ah yes, I don’t think the Windows 10 Twitch Desktop app is compatible with the command center (its really just a glorified Internet Explorer window), you will need to use a web browser.


Got 9 just now, still missing a good bit though, nice to see their atleast coming in


I got 3 extra as well after a few minutes of being in menus. Didn’t happen immediately.


The reason why I prefer the desktop app is because I felt it was more stable than using a web browser. I wouldn’t miss any drops using the app last season compared to when I used a browser.


I just gut 6 added to 3 from yesterday!


I only got one chat badge? and no emotes?


Just got 18 tokens from twitch drops 2 hours ago. Thanks for all of ur efforts man!


Hey Myst, are they handing out passes? Like, free passes? In drops?


No. However you may randomly receive the All-Access Pass for free from another user who randomly gifts a pass to the community.


How does that work? And who decides who gets it? Unless you’re talking about being able to gift it like directly, like lootboxes.
… You can gift lootboxes, right? I think you can…


On twitch.tv/overwatchleague click the 2019 All Access Pass button above the player window, then look for the “Gift All-Access Pass” button. Then click Gift to the Community. After that select how many passes you wish to give away (up to 65) and then complete the purchase through Twitch Checkout.

Twitch will randomly decide among active viewers who do not yet have the pass.

Yes. You can gift Loot Boxes in the BattleNet store here:

But only to specific users.


Ohhhhhh. I see now. That’s pretty cool then.
THAT’S 974.35 BUCKS.

That’s almost a 1000 smackaroos. Holy smokes


That’s what I thought, with the lootboxes. Glad to see I know something after all.