Overwatch League 2019 Twitch Rewards Guide & Troubleshooting


Thanks for the info! I don’t know if there’s a better place to ask this, but I’m not able to access the command center in the Twitch app. I definitely have the pass, I received the rewards, but the CC button is greyed out, and when I hover over it says it will “return during live broadcast”. Any advice?


Close that tab and clear out your web browser cache, you may need to sign back into Twitch.


It’s working in Chrome, thank you! I still can’t open the command center in the Twitch desktop app though, is that not supposed to be working right now?


I am not certain, but I recommend just staying with the web browser for the Command Center features.


Ok, I appreciate your help :slight_smile:


I just realized that the fully upgraded purple sparkly tracer badge isnt global… is it going to be global eventually?


I have no idea. I would not anticipate on it, the 2018 Blue Tracer badge was not.


February 14th matches are not dropping tokens. Blizzard is investigating.

UPDATE: 10:17 PM

Tokens are now dropping. Check your Twitch Notifications or log into the game.


No tokens here yet and I’ve been watching since 10pm est.


Three and a half hours of watching and I just got my first three tokens. This really looks bad for Blizzard and Twitch.


I just spent the last 7 hours watching the matches, and I’ve gotten…

1 token. Total… Twitch said I had three… I signed in after Dragons/Spark and found 1 whole token.


Man, and I thought I had it bad.


Everyone friendly reminder, there were known issues that affected a large portion of our community. Blizzard is aware and if possible will take any steps necessary to catch up everyone (but don’t be surprised if it can’t be caught up).

Now if you did not earn any tokens, meaning zero tokens, from the later half of the night, please return to the top of the thread and click the “Troubleshooting earning rewards from Twitch Drops” tab for detailed steps on resolving not getting Twitch Drops.

That being said, I am now AFK for the evening.


Hey, i watched the whole OWL event to end and just got 3 tokens.
I also have all-acces-pass, was logged in and OW profile connected with twitch.
Hope can get the rest back too, would be nice, thx! :slight_smile:


Didn’t get a thing. Watched through the official site, logged in and all. Yet all the help and troubleshooting is Twitch related. Very helpful.


You actually get 4 emotes that combine to make a big emote.




Same. I watched the entire feed with my AA pass connected to my account. I got just three credits.
Also, I couldn’t even watch the Command Center feed through the desktop app as it is grayed out, as it was last July when I complained about it.

Also, it seems as though drops will be handled differently this season. Instead of giving out tokens after a map, they have timed drops, per the green text. Will this lead to an increase or decrease in OWL drops from last season?


I watched every match yesterday and got 3 tokens total. 7pm - 2am should be 21 tokens…


Hey everyone. I’m still looking into it, from what I could tell everyone (including myself) only got a single 3-token drop.

I do believe we’ll just have to keep calm and move along. They might get us caught up later, they might not. Once again that’s one of those things that’s difficult to go back and adjust. Last time this happened was during the all-star weekend and tokens was later reimbursed days after.

Thanks everyone for being at least patient with me, as a player I can only do so much to try and find information. Hopefully Blizzard will get this sorted out soon enough. :v: