Overwatch League 2019 Twitch Rewards Guide & Troubleshooting


Thank god it is only twitch emotes and not actual in-game emotes for said heroes.


Does anyone know if the 200 Overwatch League tokens you get for buying the pass transfer to both of your console and pc account? It’s the same account linked to twitch.

Because I’ve only got them on my pc account :confused:


Terx2…yes you get them to any acct you have linked like me i got them on pc, ps4 and xbox just have to go in to On a desktop computer log on to Twitch.TV/OverwatchLeague . after you sign in with your Twitch account you should see a prompt below the video player window this is for xbox and for ps4 go to the bottom of the page and it tell you what to do for ps4 https://overwatchleague.com/en-us/news/22884191/2019-overwatch-league-all-access-pass-on-twitch


Thanks for compiling this, WyomingMyst.

Can’t wait for the season to officially commence!


Please remember that PlayStation 4 users must reach out to Blizzard CS to get their All-Access pass tokens.


Greetings everyone, as a friendly reminder today, the “Community Countdown” streams starting today are NOT lgoing to offer any Streaming rewards including Overwatch League Token drops.

Confirmed. The current stream does not have drops enabled.


Is there an updated Token country list for Season 2?


if there are any changes Blizzard Customer Support will update the article that I have linked to in my guide.



I have been pestered a couple of times, so as a reminder… even with the switch to Mystery Heroes for the remaining scrims, there is still no reward incentives to watching the Community Countdown stream on ZP’s channel. Sorry loves.


Just remember, this article is 9 MONTHS OLD, so the data is out of date at best and outright WRONG at the worst. Blizzard has been incredibly silent about this. If they were continuing the policy, we would have heard about it now. Everything they have released has not mentioned it.

Remember, this time last season they were BRAGGING about it and telling people how to get into it.


Is it possible to calculate a rough estimate on how much it will cost to achieve the tier 5 tracer badge? The purple sparkly one


Until we get more details about upcoming challenges in the months ahead, I don’t think there will be any effective way of knowing. I have a feeling they will eventually introduce more challenges that will have no upfront cost to complete as time progresses.


Nice. Although personally I dont mind spending a fair bit of cash to get that badge. I already get tons of compliments on my plain orange 2018 logo one. The purple one looks sick so I definitely have a bit of change in the budget for it!


Well since you already have the All-Access Pass, I think you should be in good shape overall.



ima put my tinfoil hat on and start thinknig conspiracy theories


Have at it… you know what I will be doing…

Eating popcorn


That feel when you want the All-Access Pass but you broke af after buying a switch


Just as a follow up I still don’t have confirmation on OWL token drops returning to Overwatch League on Thursday. As mentioned before, I highly believe that OWL token drops will return.

On that note, you can now proceed with two of the three weekly challenges this week which is initiate a Megacheer and cheer for your favorite team. This has been tested and is working successfully. The first challenge, watch a match in the Command Center, has to wait until the first stream of course.


Hey! Might sound like a dumb question, but does anyone know how to actually get the team themed emotes? I purchased the pass and have no clue how to get them.


You can choose one team to get the specialized Emotes for.

  1. On your desktop browser, go to twitch.tv/overwatchleague
  2. There will be a prompt just below the video player offering to select a specific team to mark as your favorite. WARNING: This cannot be changed.
  3. Once selected the large size team logo and message emotes will be added to your emote collection.