Overwatch League 2019 Twitch Rewards Guide & Troubleshooting


Thank you for the clarification as you may now, you are truly the best man.


I’ve tried to link and unlink my BattleNet account to Twitch but I still won’t get the “Connect your account” badge thing. Can someone help me please?


I think this is being investigated. Don’t worry we got a few days as they sort this out.


My wife and I watched all coverage, all weekend, using the Blizzard launcher (in the Overwatch League Tab), after having clicked “log in to receive rewards”, and neither of us received any OWL tokens. My Twitch has been linked for months (since the last Twitch lootbox give-away). After the super disappointing games (GOATS v. GOATS v. GOATS v. GOATS), I would hope we are going to receive our tokens.


Please make sure to watch directly on Twitch from here on out, to my knowledge there are still issues with watching on the non-Twitch platforms.


Will we be getting the tokens from this past weekend?


I’ve still not received them from last Thursday/Friday, I think we can write them off. Just use Twitch.


OWL is the best thing for this game.


How do I make sure my account is linked on Twitch?


Still no word on any fixes to the Twitch desktop application and getting Command Center to work? It’s been an issue since last June.


Go to Twitch, select settings, select connections, and look where it says Blizzard Battle. net . If you’re connected, it should display your b. net name, a green checkmark, and the option to disconnect.
(I’m not sure how to check on the mobile app., though.)

Also, you should get an email from Blizzard saying that you Authorized Twitch to access some of your account information.


I made a 500 bit team cheer last week, which is all cool, but this week it says do a 50 bit cheer (which it shows I haven’t done). . . So The bit cheers don’t roll over to the next week? Is there any point in cheering more than what the week asks for?


That is correct, each weekly personal challenges are unique from any other week of personal challenges.

Short of continuing to contribute to community challenges, not really. You can start a mega cheer for teams to earn special emotes.


Bummer that is different from last year.
Any idea how we get the grey OWL skins? Or is that in the future.
Also, is there a chance they will add more stuff for pass holders this year? Like they did with the Lucio Emote?

Also, thank you for answering my questions.


No new promotions involving any in-game item has yet to be revealed, when it does I will update the guide appropriately.

I am hopeful.


The only reason I watched OWL was for the tokens. Who wants to watch boring, mirrored gameplay that is only helping destroy this game? Good to see Blizzard doesn’t care about their player base, when they screw up, yet again. I’m out, have fun switching to Apex.


Attention everyone!


Is there a preview or list of the possible 35+ emotes we can get from mega cheers?


Some are shown on this page: htt ps:// blog .twitch.tv/the-2019-overwatch-league-on-twitch-faqs-e7c058a54758

(I can’t directly link due to my forum level, so I put a few spaces in the link.)