Overwatch launches then closes Immidietly

Every time I launch overwatch it will open then close right a way. I have tried reinstalling the game twice and Scan & Repair twice. I have also restarted my computer. There aren’t any error codes or anything, it just opens for half a second then closes.

Would love any ideas on how to fix this issue


I have the same issue, I have no idea what to do

It’s immediately. Not emidietly

I have the same issue since few hours ago. I noticed it after my Battle. net app updated itself. I tried ‘‘selective startup’’, rolling back my NVIDIA drivers (which also updated few hours ago )and scanning my PC for viruses and all that casual stuff admins tells you to do. Everything else is the same with my pc and it ran perfectly till today! Tech support come and fix your mistake. Overwatch log fix is empty as well.

Have you tried any of the troubleshooting steps in this forum? Which ones? We need a lot more information to help you.

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I love, you. I’m and idiot for not finding that tho.

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Fixed my problem, thank you!

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