Overwatch Latency issue

I have been playing overwatch for 3 years and I have never experienced this issue before. Most games I recieve around 20-40 ping, but when I play overwatch I get around 75-100 Ping. This is the only game where I have massive latency issues. I have also tried all of blizzards “solutions” to the problem but none have worked… If this a problem on my end somehow I will accept that it is a problem with my internet, but for the time being this issue is causing me to lose interest in this game and is seriously making me want to quit. EDIT: I also have massive ping spikes from 75 to around 300 ping, while on every other game I never experience latency lag.

Please follow the steps in the pins and add your WinMTR here so someone can take a look. :face_with_monocle: