"OvErWaTcH iSnT dYiNg"

Guys the new hype name is “It’sOver-watch”

Friend: “Dude why are you still playing It’sOverWatch? It’s all about Apex Legends now breh.”

They started this them selfs by almost never communicating with us and leaving us in the dark about their plans for the future of the game

Nonone likes to be in the dark forever, people already got tired and this is the result

If they want to fix it then they need to open their mouth

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I don’t think the issue is that they left us in the dark about their future plans. I think the issue is that they don’t care about what we have to say about their future plans.

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I didn’t realize successful games rely so much on Social Media. How did Nintendo/Sony/PC games last so long in the 90s!?

Being frustrated is understandable and honestly the only real response. But there is no justification for being a child throwing a temper tantrum.

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Yea, cause the last time a blue post answered was on a post I made. After Jeff replied, the majority of replies afterwards were people just asking about new updates. This is why they don’t reply often, cause even if they breathe on the forums, it will automatically be preyed upon by almost everyone.

devs have been appearing every few weeks with streamers who are doing the content creators residency at blizz and talking about those things. look out for those.

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That makes one of us

It’s probably because Blizzard or Activision thought they were saying too much ao they made them sign a nda( Nondisclosure Agreement). Which if that’s the case is stupid on their part.

You realize that OWL has it’s own separate team. The normal devs worked on OWL for a month during 2017 right before pre-season to quickly finish some systems and since there have been two different teams working on OWL.

Besides, they have been using OWL as a test for the viewer client, which we will be getting soon, the colorblind modes which we already got, and a bunch of custom game changes.

Also balancing for people who barely know how to group up and walk together in a coherent way is how you destroy a game.

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they need to get it together. i dont know how much longer the game will last. but I dont want it to die because I really like this game

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Different times. Back then you had magazines and demo disks. Now it’s Twitch/streaming and Social Media.

Not a thing I experience on my main.

I find games extremely quickly actually

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Hope OWL will fail and devs will finally communicate with players.

The game is dead… they don’t care… they follow an old business model which wasn’t a business model of people that used to be on the team. There is no Blizzard anymore… only Activision… Blizzard is only a place holder name… the games are ruined… move on find a better company.

This is what happens when you get crazy a$$ balancing (or lack of), Very little new content other than a new hero every 3 months, and poor communication.

To me the game feels like it’s dying because i don’t see anything new at all. I’m bored as hell. Thanks to Apex legends and soon Anthem i will have new games that are exciting and fun. Now, i only come on OW for arcade loot boxes just to do something. Once i get them i do not touch the game until reset. I have totally given up on competitive. It doesn’t feel rewarding to me (even if i rank up).

No worries! D.Va nerf gun and Lucio Oh’s! :smile: :+1:

When you play in Master in South America in any time, you will get platinum, diamonds and GM in the same matchs

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You seem so bitter. Chill out


They’ve stated they’re afraid of us fans. Remember when Geoff mentioned using Defense Matrix for Rip Tire and was torn apart for it? That’s why they don’t.

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