Overwatch is Scam - 1000 Credits on a "Exclusive Skin" that was 40 Euros/ 60 Dollars

1000 credits is not free. The value of that amount (based off the average price for a Legendary drop from a lootbox) and that skin (based off the value of the individual items in the ticket) are actually fairly close. Just because you have stockpiled credits from lootboxes have a lot to spare, that doesn’t mean they have no value that a company can’t use to determine pricing. People buy those credits in the form of lootboxes in most countries and outright in China.

Lol. There’s a reason why you are allow to drink alcohol here at 18. Mostly because you survived 18 years in Australia and you deserve a drink xD

But back on topic.

I remember when Oni Genji and Officer D.Va had an exclusivity to a HOTS event for a limited time. Then they’d become part of the lootbox system at a later date. I still did them because I’d rather spend my coins elsewhere. Plus I had fun with HOTS so that was a bonus.

I have no problem with someone getting a skin in an alternate way to how I did.

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I remember when those came out. I hate MOBA, but I really wanted those skins. I didn’t go through with playing HotS.

I was pleasantly surprised when it came in a lootbox several months later. I got Officer D.Va, and used that skin exclusively for a long time. Something about Hana in a uniform that encouraged me to play more.

  • It was mentioned more than once around Blizzcon that the skin would later become available. And it wasn’t exactly hidden, because there was quite the outcry about it
  • pretty much every week a ‘demon hunter sombra skin when?’ post has appeared on the forums ever since november
  • it was likely even written in the purchase information for the blizzcon ticket that the skin would only be temporary exclusive.

Sorry, but my tolerance for obliviousness goes only so far.

Let’s just hope this guy is the last one…

I hate these threads more than the ‘workshop is dumb’ that are popping up faster than weeds in an unkempt lawn.

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and thats why I never use money on this game

They should just have went with a blue skin like the past years.

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Good news everyone! The community just got a little less toxic.

It was never an exclusive skin

Super bad B8. Please try again never.

Do i get access to all the blizzcon streams if i buy the skin with credits? Nope?
Why did you buy thf ticket then? Bc of the skin? Was a really nice addition…:sweat_smile: But not mandatory

Tbh i’d like to get a exclusive skin.
To keep the old days alive, where you got a exclusive skin to the ticket.
And i hope such skins return. :sweat_smile:
I like exclusive stuff. But it was clear sombra skin isn’t exclusive :slight_smile:

:crab::crab::crab:I’M LAUGHING AT THE STUPIDITY :crab::crab::crab:

Even if it’s bait, I’m sure that there are people who have enough disposable income but are this stupid, so it’s still funny.

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Too bad you didnt read the fine print

Always read the fine print

If it’s a more exclusif skins come to my mind are those from all stars.

Probably because of this, I have lost almost all faith in the community.

Stop being so (explitive) petty

I remember being really salty when I saw a really sweet Sombra skin that was hidden behind a pay wall. The skin was awesome, but no way I’m paying for a virtual ticket to watch the Diablo devs defend a mobile game. Then I ended up reading somewhere that the skin would be released eventually to the public, similar to the Oni skin for Genji and the Officer skin for D.Va. I immediately realized a lot of people were going to be really angry about it whenever the skin was released. If you’re willing to pay $60 for a video game skin, I honestly don’t know what to tell you.

So when can I get this Sombra skin?

Or maybe because idiots like you spread false information. Stop with this.

you didnt pay for the skin…you paid for your blizzcon ticket…

I agree, it was a scam.
The design/future of ow panel was AWFUL! It was nothing but “Oh, look at how coooooooollll Ashe is”!!!