Overwatch is not a moba

It is an ability shooter with mmorpg roles. We dont have towers, buffs, lanes, items, ability progression, pve elements, levels, consumables, hero locks. The only moba like things are ability that dont eork like mobas and thats really it.


Hey dont blame us, it was the main developer kept saying that.


They are wrong and they need to stop because its just not true


So the main developer who made the game is wrong?

He is the one that came with that on the interviews in 2015-2016.


Yes he is its not a moba its like if i called tetras a rts or mario odessy a souls like.


Overwatch is primarily moba, let’s be honest. Tracer is moba. Genji is moba. Every popular hero is…you guessed it, moba. Soldier is the one exception, but Soldier mains aren’t respected by most of the community for good reason.


Ok i am just saying it wasnt a term which the players created. It came from the horse’s mouth.

What he meant about Moba was mostly about the flow i think, not its elements like neutral creeps, gold, lanes, towers, etc…

Ow2 is more like MMO trinity mixed with TF2, except its more restrict and way more competitive and not casual at all.


Genji more like ghost runner then moba.

How is tracer moba

Look at dva thats far from moba same for ball rein almsot all the tanks exept hog wouldnt fit in a moba easily.

Yes its an ability rpgmmo

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Sure, but he’s not fps at all. If it’s a toss up between them, Genji is moba.

She’s more of a mix than most, but she’s mostly moba. Blink would NEVER be in an fps. Imagine Siege adding an Op like Tracer. Heads would roll. Literally. Recall COULD go in an fps, maybe. But Blink couldn’t, and neither could Pulse because Blink is necessary to use it.

Now, just for clarification, I’m not saying that they couldn’t fit into other genres(is genres the right word?)better, I’m just only talking about whether they’d fit in an fps or moba better.


How an ability is desined doesnt make it moba what so ever blink and rewind are perfect for a mmorpg what the game was originally going to be titan. Abilities themself dont make a game a moba.

Ironically enough, a MOBA doesn’t need most of those to be considered one (Battle Rite, Project Loki, Eternal Return come to mind).

After all, the basis of a MOBA is that it is a “Massive/Multiplayer Online Battle Arena,” which does fit Overwatch’s description.

Frankly speaking, Overwatch doesn’t fit into the traditional sense of an FPS since each character has a non-interchangeable kit that no other hero has, as well as a unique hitbox.

At best, it’s a mixture of both genres.

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MOBA is such an overused term that could encompass a ton of games that have very little similarities

In reality, MOBA’s have typically described games like DotA/League of Legends/HOTS etc. and Overwatch is clearly not like those games. Overwatch is in a genre of its own, a class based/hero FPS.

At best its an rpgmmo fps and look at tf2 both of them have diffrent modles for every character.

You say it’s not a moba and then they released LW.

And he doesn’t make it an moba his abilities would still work in a mmrpg the closed genre to overwatch after its true one an ability shooter.

Ya if i told a moba fan that they should try the moba overwatch they would laugh in my face

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I wouldn’t say RPGMMO, since most of those have social aspects (which Overwatch does not), PvE, and gear/talents.

[Blue Protocol, Wayfinderer, Tower of Fantasy, etc.]

Its more os in how abilities work and roles is closer to a rpgmmo like eso wow gw2 then any moba. Plus rember ow was a mmorpg at first called titan im guessing they said mova to try and move away from it as much as possible.

Again, I’m not saying that these are moba abilities, not exactly. Just that they fit into moba more than fps.

I understand but what im saying is they also fit and somtimes better fit in a mmrpg like wow eso or gw2

Jeff Kaplan? I don’t remember him saying that – and if he did say something that mentioned MOBA elements, it was taken way out of context – but there were multiple game “journalists” and bloggers who tried to make that parallel for their audience. To claim that this game is a MOBA is absurd.