Overwatch? Is A Team Based Game?

Bang your lids and state what ever you want, it’s still a team based shooter. At the very basics of it there are 12 people on the map, 6 of which you can shoot and kill, the other 6 you can’t.

So indeed, this is a team based game. That players are incapable of playing it as a team based game, is something else entirely.

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You are conflating the game with a subset of people that play the game. Basketball is a team sport even if all the players in a specific game aren’t very good. Soccer is still a team sport even if we are talking about two herds of 6 year olds all chasing the ball while the goalies meander around the goal mouth picking daisies.

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Well, you see, thats the rub, isnt it? Your point about going down to the local Y with some strangers might fly for QP or Arcade. But, what about Comp?

Thats supposed to be the “official” way to play. Yes, i undetstand Ladder Comp isnt going to be like the NBA of OW, thats what OWL is, but it still should semi-feel “official”.

Even High School basketball is more coordinated and “official” than that game down at the Y. Yet, that same experience is not being had by most of the comp ladder. You’re still playing that game down at the Y, when you should be at least playing high school basketbal, where you play and practice with the same people, consistently, instead of just playing with a bunch of random strangers.

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Well, extending your analogy, that’s due to the s***ty funding and treatment the Y received. There was no intervention from management, no intervention from someone trained in the sport to say: “hey, this is how you make a good program that will give people the tools to have an enjoyable competitive experience.” The Y simply exists and people can wander in to participate without any real guidance or rule enforcement.

Like Blizzard devs sitting back letting the casual game unfold while it invests all of its resources into refining the OWL. Neglecting ladder created this anarchistic playstyle in which we currently find ourselves. How are the players supposed to take it seriously when even management doesn’t take it seriously?


Besides OWL there is Contenders, TESPA, High School leagues and a variety of other leagues/tournaments around the world that are not affiliated with Blizzard.

QP is a ‘just for fun’ pickup game and comp is a more serious pickup game where people are competing for street cred/bragging rights. If someone wants more of a ‘team in a league’ type experience then they need to join a team that competes in leagues/tournaments.

Comp is what it is, a global ladder open to all players all the time. It’s inherently unstructured. Maybe Blizz could create a team-only form of comp where you have to registrar/signup as a team, have to play a fixed tournament schedule and ultimately there is a winner at the end of the season (or multiple winners as the tournament should be tiered based on SR), but that’s likely to create more headaches for Blizz than it solves. Again, for people that want a format like that though it already exists outside of Blizzard.

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It’s not that the game isn’t team based, it’s that the MMer and solo queue don’t allow for team play.

This is a really good point in favor of role queue and role lock. If team play isn’t realistically achieveable in solo queue then why flex. If they aren’t going to make people play in team then embrace the solo in solo queue and play what you want. Then put in a role queue and role lock so that even when people play selfish you can still have a decent team composition.

So you’re not allowed to have skills that compliment and synergize with randoms? Is that what we’re getting at here?

You can form a team with people you’re unfamiliar with. No where in your definition does it say you need to be intimately familiar with your teammates.

[Looks at the POTG feauture]

Totally a team based game. Absolutely.

its a team based sniper game.

My point is that yeah, soccer is a team sport, but those kids aren’t playing soccer. The moms got suckered into paying for uniforms and the dads are yelling at the kids to keep their eye on the ball but it’s all a big joke.

They’re pretending to play soccer the same way that the unwashed masses (that’s all of us) are pretending to play Overwatch.

We’re not playing the team based game this was sold as. We’re all just playing death match with a weird set of rules.

It’s team based if you are playing in a team. Playing with other players solo it’s not Team based at all. If that is the case Call of Duty etc. is team based as well than with that logic.

Heros interlock with eachother. Players combo ults, stick together, play the same game together… yeah stop talking. You’re not a coach, you’re a mei onetrick.

I’m not either of those things…

One was a joke on my part and the other is an assumption on your part that couldn’t be more wrong.

Just tryna get at you. You’re still wrong, though.

coudnt be more true.
Scrims and ladder are like night and day.
And that is sad as it kills a lot of fun, but i guse as long as we have OTPs, Narcists and other uncooperative players nothing can be done.

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They are playing soccer, it’s just a different meta than what we see in Premier League. :joy:

I 100% agree though that consistently finding 5 other randos on the Internet that can work as a team is one of biggest hurdles the game has (especially when nearly all OW players come from first person shooters that are not nearly as team comp reliant as OW is).

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They already have this for open division, but its handled entirely out of game.

Meaning overall there is not much exposure for it to everday players.

Also, if they had in game team ladders it would make recruiting for the LAN scene much easier. Truly benefiting the everyday players and the league

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Overwatch is the definition of a team game.

If the people using something are not using it correctly or to full potential it doesn’t alter the intended purpose of said thing.

If I can’t ride my super bike to the limits, it doesn’t suddenly get defined as a moped.

Rephrasing to match your statement better.

The new fangled hyabusas with speed limiters cant be called racebikes anymore.

Unless you have a third party remove it.

Dont want to rely on a third party if the manufacturer could just build it out properly from the get go.

This is a bit of a hyperbole, but I have to agree. Ranked-Q / Pugs / Scrims / Tournaments. All these environments make up for a substantially different experience.
The game, though marketed as team-based lacks any team building tools.

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