Overwatch instantly crashes upon launching

I got on my computer today and attempted to launch Overwatch. But, when the window opens and it’s just a black screen, it immediately crashes. I try several times to launch it the same way, nothing happens. However, when I try to launch other games, they work just fine. FYI my OW crashing problem happened after a “patch” that came out today that updated my game in some way. Could this patch have anything to do with this?

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Hey, Aquamarine! Would you happen to have Razer Synapse on the system?

If so, please follow the steps available here. Otherwise, could we gather a DxDiag file between the code blocks </>?

As a matter of fact, I do. I don’t believe I’ve installed this new one, though. if I install this, do I need to uninstall any past synapse applications I have?

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Update your bios, should fix it.