Overwatch, I'm walking out of this abusive relationship

That lets you have access to the game world, as in the building and that’s about it. You’re acting like each of us paid huge money to be here, we did not, at all. In fact we are even lower than a tenant, we are more like random person in a hotel room, that’s how little we have paid into this when compared to the over all costs.

and exactly what are all these issues that blizzard made? The community whines about this, whines about that and pitches all sorts of mind numbing stupid idea. If this was a hotel the Mercy mains would be going “Look just fill the pool with Jello I don’t see why that’s such a problem!?! Just do it!! Just do it!!”.
Then someone else counter with wow they why can’t blizzard just do it, fill that pool with Jello. As if again, we are all equals here and that’s a “good idea” just because someone asked for it.

the bulk of this games problem have always been community based. Yes the patches take a bit too long to come out and that’s lame but other wise, it’s how we all play and treat other in game that’s the issue.
Throwing, smurfs, toxic issues, poor team comps, poor effort, lack of tanks/support, bad game play, one tricks, no one switching to what the team needs, leavers and so on. Those are ALL community issue. We, the tenants in this game world “building”, are 100% at fault for it.

I challenge anyone to make a list of community issue and true blizzard game world/balance problem and then with a straight face say the game world problems are the bigger issues.
Yeah they are annoying but the list of community problems are what is slowly strangling the fun out of this game.


Anything that is not automated and costs money is bad. And I am not blaming Activision for this.

All that just to take jabs at mercy mains? really?

also the list of community issues aren’t all soley the players faults as blizzard is at fault aswell for a number of them.

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no, everyone has stupid idea when it comes to balance. I’m sure some of my own in the past have been less then stellar even when I like to think I’m at least being objective about it.

If I wanted to take jabs at Mercy mains I would point out how they are kind of the crazy cat ladies (and men) of Overwatch. Take that how you will.

and I’ve long had a problem with people who push off personally responsibility onto rule enforcement. As if some how the lack of enforcement against a person doing something now means it’s someone else’s fault for that person’s personal actions.

So no, I don’t think of the community issues are truly Blizzard’s fault as they are in game actions fellow games should not being doing in the first place. Even if I will acknowledge Blizzard as a landlord has not put in enough effort, or in a timely manner, to help the community with some of the issue.

Like LFG should have been in game at launch or before comp was released. Reporting should have been in game sooner. We should have two voice channels by default, one for team and one for group. People should default to team chat, not stay group…


Excellent post!

I think I’ll also be looking to my new waifu in Fallout 76 when that arrives, but a summer fling with Forsaken will hold me over until then :wink:

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Well for more “stupid ideas” ( /s ) from mercy mains why don’t you go check this out.


psssst, the joke is we literally have someone with the job title called ‘community manager’ but it seems my understanding (and apparently yours) understanding of community manager vastly differ from Blizzards. Poor guy got stuck in a role thats little more than a forum admin and a mouth piece instead of an actual communicative link between “us” and “them” for the community.

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You say this while we have a big event next week where we are supposedly supposed to get some big new content changes, and probably why thier quiet right now

Haha interesting post. But I’m madly in love with Overwatch that i can’t bring myself to leave her, no matter what happen. She helped me when I was down, when I was alone in a cold and dark place she showed me hope. No matter how much she has changed, underneath she still has that same spirit,that same fire. Who would i’ll be if I leave her in her time of need. Not that she needs any of my help. But i’ll be be with her anyway, until her or my fire fades in to the darkness.

There’s no guarantee that there will be a wave of new content. And, for the sake of argument, assuming there is new content, that doesn’t make the pace of release acceptable. It’s still too slow.

If a game like Fortnite can release patches / skins / weapons / events / etc. every week or two, Blizzard could do that at half the speed and it would still be a massive improvement.

We have no idea what Blizzard’s plans are because they don’t communicate with us. We have no idea if the balance changes they decide to make will improve the game, because they refuse to go back on bad decisions and seemingly fail to understand the problems with the hero(es) they change.

We still don’t have very basic QoL features that a pub-star level scrub like me wants to help enhance the competitive aspects of the game and have been in almost every other shooter I’ve played (demos, in-game spectating for tournies, quick play map / mode filtering, etc.)

As I mentioned in my original post, there are games out there that treat players with more agency, offer better features, and have more consistent development roadmaps. And that’s why I’ll be looking for something new even if I still play OW casually.




You’ll both be better for it.

Thank WoW for the lack of shorts;
1 Team works on them, and BFA has around 10 within the first 20 minutes of gameplay (granted they’re around 1 - 2 minutes, but the quality they put into them does take lots of time.)

I feel it’s more like the hotel management filled the pool with raw sewage, and once every few months use a shovel to scoop a bit out but only from the kiddies pool, and Mercy mains are asking them to remove all the sewage and refill it with Jello. But maybe that’s just me.

What about comics, story blurbs, 2D animation, or even in-game lore? I can understand if resources are constrained and fully animated shorts take a lot of time and effort, but there are other ways to get information out there.


Dump that ho(s)e :face_with_monocle:

What big event are you talking about? I know we’re currently in the Summer event.

There’s gamescom and another event in South Korea. Starting on Wednesday. Overwatch said they will have some big content reveals for us during these 2 events.

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If you mean the forum audience, they shouldn’t listen to us that much.

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Wut 0_0