Overwatch heroes' names?

I think it must have been pretty similar to this one :smiley:

thesunshineroom.files.wordpress. com/2011/08/t-shirt.jpg

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I’m pretty sure that Torbjörn means “Thunder bear”.

Joel McCrea reference I’m pretty sure.

Jesse McCree sounds like such a REAL genuine name in the midwest. Being a person whom grew up in the area, it actually sounds like a historically accurate lawman that would have been out on the great planes in the 1800s.


This makes me appreciate the Payload voice line in Hollywood so much more… “Jesse McCree? That’s a terrible name for a cowboy”.


But is McHanzo confirmed?


Ana means “grandma” in Arabic.

In our hearts, yes it is


Hanzo for Hattori Hanzo, the leader of the Iga ninjas IRL. Genji from Hikaru Genji, from Genji Monogatari, the second son of the emperor, who was skilled and beautiful and had an easy life due to not having many responsibilities, which mirrors Genji’s background pretty well and I doubt is a coincidence.

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Ok first, They don’t even know each other in canon. How could it be confirmed? :neutral_face:

Plus I think if there was a touch of friendship between McCree and Genji, which I’m sure there’s a sense of SOME sort of friendship/alliance/respect between them, I don’t think he’d take too kindly to Hanzo after what he did to Genji.

I’m gonna leave it at that. This community gets way toxic way fast to people who don’t agree with them.

braces for everyone hating me :slight_smile:

They don’t know each other yet, so there is still hope!

I don’t necessarily ship it, but I still enjoy the seeing the ship. Mainly just good fan art. I’m the same way about pretty much any ship.

I thought it would just be based off Athena herself(Who Athens was built for I belive)

I’m 99% sure somebody was a fan of Top Gear when they names Hammond.