Overwatch Heroes from YOUR country


It’s -25°c atm (use some calculators if you want silly American measurements).

You might want to reconsider


I just want a Malayan character. Just a support would be OK.


You forgot Reaper tho


Tracer is an overblown stereotype and she fits nicely. Most characters in Overwatch are stereotypes, so she fits, but they’re more than just their nationalities.

Sure she drinks tea, says luv, wotcha and bloomin’ heck (citation needed) but she’s also earnest, determined and idealistic. She’s more than just a stereotype and I think Overwatch does a good job balancing the tropes with the actual character.


“I will hug you like bug fussy Siberian bear”.


I wanna cry, pls stop, a guy from no represented Poland…or Ukraine…


It’s hard to consider a blue brainwashed killing maching as stereotypical for any country…The accent and some of the voice lines make me cringe quite often tho.
Apart from that, I like she’s important in the “plot” and her short movie was one of the bests in my opinion. Oh she has the best *ss in the entire game, it’s something to be proud of. Somehow. :thinking:

So no Amélie Guillard-Lacroix’ design doesn’t really represent my country. I mean, blue people do not exist right?
The accent is way too strong, even Macron doesn’t speak like that despite being already a nightmare to listen to, and the tragic femme fatale cliché kinda bothers me. I like her superior/arrogant attitude tho.


tracer got cockney accent?
thats cockney


Nothing from Spain but we can take Sombra, thanks.
She has the classic spaniard spunk and many sarcastic and overblown remarks so, fair enough.

“¡Apagando las luces!”


it would be nice if they did smaller countries too

Nepal is a small one,but most other ones are worldpowers or fictional (moon)

Sweden is also among the smaller ones,but still well know

how about a chili one? or Serbia? phillipines?

It would be interesting to see them do a belgian,will they just stick a waffle in his hand as a weapon?


I don’t have any hero from my country, also the languages the game supports doesn’t include my country’s language


I feel that Mercy is a bit too cheerful for someone from switzerland :wink:
Swiss ppl are more introverted I feel.


Tracer’s got the typical fake accent.

And she’s not depressed enough to accurately represent England :rofl:


I assume people expect some kind of Spartan looking character when it comes for Greek characters.

Seeing how my country behave nowdays, a Greek character would be a comedy relief from Talon than anything else.


Same here.
Only one thing different: there are no more humans as gondola riders, but omnics. Great thing. Gondola riders are the worst kind of humanity.
Oh, and of course you’ll die in the moment you touch the water, just like now. Nothing changed.
Greetings from Venice, Italy.


Moira’s Irishness is done well. She’s much less stereotypical than Irish characters tend to be in other games (recent example: Sean ‘Conor McGregor’ Maguire from RDR).

A lot of her voicelines are quirky but totally recognisable Irish sayings that are a lot more colloquial than I would expect from a typical Irish video game character. When she launched I definitely wondered if they have an Irish writer on staff or if the voice actor (who is obviously Irish) had been given scope to improvise lines.

I’m pretty sure it’s also the first time I’ve heard Irish language really done in a video game (her ult line and a few others are in Irish, and though I’m not fluent, those lines sound right and well pronounced to me).

The only slight disappointment was her Irish skin from the Summer games - while orange is part of our flag, it’s rarely if ever used in Irish sporting kits (which are generally just green and white), and as such it looks wrong to me.


Ah, a fellow Paesano from Italia. Ciao dagli Stati Uniti!


colombian here so sadly i got nothing…i guess the closest thing would be lucio?..and we all know how much we all love hockey down here…maybe lucio is secretely canadian? :thinking:


So, Lúcio, lore wise, stereotype after stereotype.

“Poor kid coming from the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro (the only city people seem to vaguely know about from Brazil, wich is ridiculous) became a famous musician world wide.”

Specially since we’re talking EDM, that’s not how things work down here. These days the only thing that becomes famous here is something that is somewhat similar to US’ Dirty Rap (but it’s way worse, trust me), repetitive lyrics that just stick in your head, with no real production value. Not only that but people that make this stuff have to use so much auto tune in their voices because they don’t know how to sing properly, it’s ridiculous. Not to mention that some of these artists are actually “sponsored” by drug dealers (and the lyrics talk about stuff that could get me banned if I said it here).

Another weird thing in his lore is the fact that he likes Hockey, because unless he had access to cable TV or moved from Brazil when he was a kid (since he’s said to be poor as a kid, none of those are true), he would only really get to know Hockey after becoming famous. But at least that’s better than saying he loves Football/Soccer (another stereotype people seem to have about Brazilians).


Justin Bieber Canada